How To: Create a Sleek Single Page Portfolio in 10 Minutes

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You don’t have to be a web designer to create an amazing portfolio – maybe you’re a photographer or illustrator or God knows what other type creative soul. And you don’t have to spend two months waiting for some friend to help you with a microsite. Noo sir! – there are very easy ways of doing this by yourself in just a few simple steps and this is one of them!


First you’ll need to sort out your projects and make sure you’ve selected your best pieces that you’re going to showcase. Once you’ve done this you should be ready to cut out some images of the project that you want your visitors to see. You can start creating the thumbnails (220px by 162px) and your main project images (with a 700px width).

After this you’re ready to set up your portfolio! You can download this free xhtml/css portfolio theme called Medifolio made by our friends from LogoMoose, upload your files and your own thumbnails & images to your own server. All you need to do now is make sure that you’ve got the image URLs right. More info on how to do this and on how to edit the projects info is available in the Help file from your download.

Mediofolio | Free | Demo | Download


Note: To get the contact form working you still need some help from a programmer :-]

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