HOW TO: Create a Mainstream Viral Campaign – SCHWEPPESONALITY

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At the end of November, centered around an online brand activation campaign, Schweppes launched the Schweppesonality campaign. A ground breaking activation campaign that features an interactive viral film and is empowered by all social media.

The viral experience consists of a personalized film, made possible through a facebook connection. The viral takes the participator into the world of the Schweppesonality magazine. You are led by the chief-editor through the various stages of the viral, with the main moment: the cover photo shoot. At the end of the film you star on the cover of Schweppesonality magazine and on billboards in a big city. Sharing your experience and a contest to win an iPad with your cover through social media completes the viral effect of this experience.

Schweppes values

Since 1783 Schweppes has grown into a soft drink brand characterized by these values: modern, premium, stylish fruit soft drinks for adults, unexpected since 1783. These were a set of strong values Schweppes wanted to use these in the context of their general re-branding. With these values as a strong base, Schweppes wanted to activate their fan basis by providing them a fully immersive adventure. From the base of an idea it’s a long way before you have created it into a viral campaign. The next will give you an idea on how the creative agency Emakina created a mainstream viral campaign.


Set your objectives – before even beginning to think about a viral campaign, Schweppes first needed to take a closer look at its objectives. For Schweppes the most important objectives were branding and awareness, followed up by Schweppes wanting to thank its consumers for their help over the past years in building the brand Schweppes. From here on, Schweppes and their creative agency started to emerge their goals together with the identity of Schweppes lovers.

In this concept it’s clear that the concept creators were constantly thinking of thanking Schweppes fans, and creating an experience for them. So when you’re creating a viral concept always think of the target group you are creating the experience for, what/who are they and what would they like to experience?

Building the experience

Starting with the concept, the next step was to create a film script, location, casting and arrange all techniques that were needed to create a viral film. By using advanced filming techniques the ‘visitors’ are led through the magazine’s offices to end on the cover of the magazine.  But this live experience takes a lot of time, serious thinking, creativity and technical wizardry to turn in to reality. A lesson that can be learned is that when creating a viral experience every step has to be taken carefully, well planned and well thought. The technique makes it very difficult, because after shooting the film the experience needs to be build. Not only the film itself, but everything that makes it viral, the online environment, all social media, all options to share it on social media.

See the making of video here:

Making it go viral

When the experience goes live, it doesn’t mean that it will get picked up and go viral by itself. Schweppes partnered up with Dutch social media agency Super Social to help seed the viral. This was done not only by contacting blogs, but also by sharing it in social media surroundings and uploading it to important places where people are looking for new creative experiences. So don’t expect a viral campaign to go viral by itself, put in all possible efforts to ‘seed’ the campaign and make it a success.

Social media consultant at Super Social.