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This guest post is contributed by Bailey Digger, who writes on the topic of web design degree.

When it comes to the web, it’s all about how visible and how accessible you are. You may have your own website, but if you don’t have any visitors, it’s as good as being dead online. The more crowded your site is, the more alive you are, and that’s why everyone who has a presence online strives hard to attract attention to their website. Today WordPress is way more than just a CMS, you can easily call it website builder, as long as its architecture allows you to build all types of websites easily. With all those various templates, tons of widgets and clear FAQs and tutorials you can build a website, which will be too hard to identify as a “WordPress-based”.

Search engines rule the roost

Today, it’s all up to the search engines; no one remembers domain names or chooses a particular site to visit all the time – they type in their query and pick the sites off the search results from Google or any other search engine. It’s all about page rank – the higher your page rank, the more popular your site.

SEO works, but only when augmented with other methods

The most popular way to get your site listed on search engines is to populate it with keywords relevant to your site; so when a potential visitor keys in their search phrase, your site could be pushed to the first page. The problem with this approach however is that many thousands of sites adopt the same approach. So you’re likely to slide down to the bottom of the pile. You need to augment your SEO (search engine optimization) techniques with other methods.

Guest posts boost your popularity

One way to boost your site up in the search engine listing is to scatter your link all over the web – remember however that you cannot spam other people’s websites by posting your link without their permission or in the comments section. The best way to secure back links is to write articles for other people’s sites and ask them to include your link with your byline. People are more than willing to accept quality articles or write-ups, so if you can put in the effort, you will surely reap the rewards.

Don’t discount the power of regular updates

Another option is to update the contents of your site on a daily basis – Google and other search engines push to the top sites that have the most recent content. So if you let laziness affect you, your website could be adversely affected.

Credibility counts when it’s the web

The key to popularizing your website is to offer quality – it’s easy to get people to come to your page once through shady methods like filling your site with random keywords that make no sense whatsoever, but remember that if you want them to stay and keep coming back, you must ensure that you deliver what you promise. Credibility is a rare quality online, so the more your website demonstrates its genuineness, the higher the number of visitors you can expect. The attraction must be strong enough to not just bring your visitor to your site, but also hold them there.

Simplicity scores over complexity

It may be hard to believe, but most web users prefer websites that are simple and easy to use rather than those that come with all the bells and whistles. So even though you know all the fancy tricks to jazz up your website, keep your design easy on the eye, easy to use, and easy to find. When it’s the content that matters, you don’t have to worry about the package that it comes in, as long as the box is easily accessible and holds what your readers are looking for.

Remember, it’s not enough to just attract attention to your website, you must do all it takes to hold your visitors there as well, and get them to keep coming back.

That’s it for now – do you have any personal tips for the fellow readers and bloggers?

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Hi Bailey-so glad that you highlighted the simplicity of a good web design. I used to feel intimidated when I visiting sites with bells and whistles, but now I just get irritated when I have to deal with pop-ups, and multiple share buttons, tool bars everywhere…

    Thanks for the good, sound tips!

  • Right on, it def takes a combination of marketing tactics to create a successful website. The key is staying on top of all the great new marketing tactics.

  • Excellent article as always. I say this time and time again to my clients.

    It still annoys me to this day when you get these fly by night SEO services who charge people a fortune to get your site in the top spot on Google when a good designer/web developer would do the tips outlined above.

  • Thank you so much for sharing useful information.. I am soon going to re-design my site so it will really help me to make my site better for sure.. :)

  • Great articles :)

  • Thanks for the post, im alover the place finding the right style to present my work and articles

  • M Morris

    “no one remembers domain names or chooses a particular site to visit all the time.” Is this based on some kind of data?

    That may be true when I’m trying to find out how pomegranate juice is made, but return/repeating visitors are important for any site…and advertising revenue.

  • Common ideas but worth reading. Thanks for sharing.

  • Haha, you live what you learn (as u guest post).. haha and u got ur link..

  • liz

    Definitely some great tips here.

    A well designed site doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles to stand out – if only more people were aware of this.

  • Thank you for a very helpful article! I’m interested in improving both the design and page rank of our current website… Would it be cheeky to ask for honest opinions on our site from this forum?

  • Bob

    Great post, all good points. I’ve been trying hard the last week or so to get more traffic to my design blog. I’ve been posting to it for over three years on regular basis but haven’t gotten what I would consider a decent amount of traffic. I’ve redesigned it 5 times over the course of it’s life and each time I have seen a slight improvement but only a few percentage points each time. Sometimes I wonder if I’m just missing something? I like working on it though, it’s great to design and write about things I like w/out worrying about clients.

  • Excellent info spot , following this info will ensure your website will gain presence on the web – however as you mention – a over kill will be – spamming – its a slow process but when done properly has lasting results!


  • thanks.. got some new ideas…..

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  • Om

    Nice post – well, I’d say there are many more ways to attract attention of visitors to your site.. Image optimization is the best way these days, or posting a viral youtube video clip linking to your blog is perhaps the BEST way today!

  • These are really helpful tips! I’m always looking for ways to increase my traffic and look of my site.

  • Great article. I think people get obsessed with animations or things that may look nice but forget the simple fact that relative content drives traffic.