How a Few Simple Tools & Techniques Can Help You Write Better and Grow Traffic

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One of the best things that any content writer can do is sit down and think. There are a couple of problems with thinking, though. First, you often lose track of time and your mind wanders off topic. Secondly, there is always the nagging thought about whether or not you can justify the amount of time that it takes to write great content for your client.

Forget about both.

Take Time to Think and Clear Your Mind

Good writers spend a lot of time looking inside of themselves to generate content. I’ve written in the past about good content and the tools you can use to optimize your content for a search engine marketing. But those are tools that are ONLY effective if your mind is open and receptive for the thematic keyword elements that Google tells you are important. To put it more simply, I thought about what I was going to write before I went into the keyword editor tool in AdWords to see what Google tells me people think.

Then, once you’ve reached a point of Zen, run the AdWords keyword tool.

Is Google Santa Claus?

Here is what it looks like when the keyword tool runs:

One of the updates Google has provided is the addition of providing “Ad Group Ideas.” The point is that I plugged in the terms: “content writing,” “good copy,” “thinking,” “time,” and “introspection” into the tool. Google came back with major groupings of keywords. In the past, writers only had the opportunity to review keywords in a major list without being grouped.

I expanded the “Writing Content” ad group idea and have listed below what Google thinks are top-level keyword ideas that fall under a specific theme.

  • Content writing services
  • Web content writing
  • SEO content writing
  • Content writing service
  • Content writing India
  • Website content writing services
  • Content writing companies
  • Content writing jobs

Not only is it important to review these keywords from a content point of view, but it is important to do so to get a geopolitical understanding of what’s going on – what’s being searched for.

What the above report reveals is that there are a lot of people looking for good content writers, a lot of competition for people looking to offer their content writing services, and some people looking to outsource good content writing to India. The competition for being able to effectively communicate in writing is pitting content crafters in a global market for the best.

Bringing this full circle, the best way to write is to take your time. Be thoughtful, and relax. I use tools like AdWords, Copyblogger, and SEOMoz, once my mind is ready to think. Then, I grab a hold of one thematic element, intertwine a fun concept and am off to the races.

Zach Katkin – Entrepreneur, Web Developer, Designer and Writer – is the co-founder of Florida Web Design Company Atilus. In business for nearly a decade, Atilus has more than 600 clients worldwide.

  • Thanks for the insight, Zach. Can I ask, how do you go back and check to see if your research really paid off? Thanks!

    • Zach Katkin

      Hi Tim, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. One of the easiest ways – I’ve found – is to simply make the adjustment, and then review analytics. If you’ve setup analytics (as well as webmaster tools – in the case of Google’s tools) you can see concretely additional traffic to pages or your site as a whole.

      There are also some more in-depth, paid tools – like that can help you track your rankings better over time – and reveal how – as you change your content, it affects your search engine visibility.