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So many people tune out the second we start talking about web hosting.

Sure, it seems boring at first, but it’s similar to the foundation of a house. You may not notice it much, but the entire thing will come tumbling down if you don’t put any thought into the foundation while building your house.

A website is exactly the same. Picking out the least expensive solution is not the best route, but at the same time, you want to ensure you’re getting the best functionality for a decent price. Otherwise, six months may pass you by, only to leave you with a crashed website and no way to recover your data.

That’s the reason you need a quality hosting provider, otherwise all of your hard work is going to go down the toilet.

So, what about HostUpon?

It’s not the most popular hosting provider in the world, but you may have heard of the Canadian company if you’re a web developer or someone who works with lots of websites. In fact, HostUpon is an extremely reputable company since it’s trusted by over 10,000 website owners globally.

Starting this article, I had never had the chance to get my hands on the Host Upon product, so I was excited to see how a small company like this could compete with the big dogs. After all, how do you differentiate yourself from companies like Bluehost?

Keep reading to find out.

What Features and Services Make HostUpon Standout?

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Quite a few features are available when you go for HostUpon with your hosting provider. However, I think it’s prudent to outline the types of hosting that you can opt for with this company.

  • Web hosting – This is what they would consider shared hosting, or a server that shares the space with hundreds of other websites.
  • Reseller hosting – Here’s a type of hosting that works wonders for web designers and any other reseller who’s making lots of sites.
  • VPS hosting – This level of hosting means you have more control and that the entire system is placed on an operating system. We only recommend this to people who understand what it means.
  • Cloud hosting – This type of hosting is best for medium to large businesses that need to have reliable hosting in a secure environment. Cloud hosting is a wonderful option for those blogs and sites that start to realize that their visitors are increasing too quickly.
  • Dedicated servers – For big time companies that need a team of people watching a dedicated server for only one company to use.

Now that we got that out of the way, what are some of the best features to look into?

WordPress and Joomla Installations

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re an experienced developer or a person who can’t stand working with technology. Your experience doesn’t matter when building a website and grabbing hosting from Host Upon. Why?

Because installations are already included to make it as simple as possible.

For example, if you want to build a WordPress blog, this isn’t a terrible process, but it takes a little technical knowledge. Therefore, you can skip this entire process with the one-click WordPress installation on HostUpon. The same goes with Joomla, if you’re using the platform.

If you’re an experienced developer with your own business, this should save you tons of time and money. As for beginners, it should simply not make you want to toss your computer.

Shopping Cart Options

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The plans that come with HostUpon offer over $200 in paid extras. That means that quite a few shopping cart options are available for you to start selling online.

Although it can seem tedious to setup an online store, you generally just have to choose a plugin or add-on to get started. Sell your digital or physical products, and use the money to advance your business.

The shopping cart options tie into the security, since you don’t have to worry about hackers getting ahold of your information, or your customers’ information.

Unlimited Everything

From unlimited disk space to unlimited email accounts, this is one of the best parts of the HostUpon company, since it’s not too often you can find hosting companies that give you this kind of freedom with the smaller plans.

Most of them try to coax you into upgrading for more space and emails, but that’s not the case with HostUpon.

A Website Builder with Templates

Website builders are all the rage nowadays, but the only thing that matters is whether or not they work. So many site builders stink, but this one is actually pretty handy. You have a few drag and drop elements, and the RV builder provides the tools you need to adjust colors, upload logos and more. In short, you don’t need to understand a lick of code, since it’s all based on visual edits.

In addition, you receive some cool templates so that you never have to get started from scratch. Quality templates are tough to come by, or at least it takes a while to do some research. With this, you don’t have to worry, since the research is already done for you.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for HostUpon?

The pricing for HostUpon is one of the best parts, since you don’t have to pay much, and the uptime guarantee is still up there.

Of course it all depends on the type of hosting you decide on, but let’s examine the shared hosting, since this is the most common for new customers.

  • Starter Unlimited Plan – $3.95 per month for a free domain (for life,) unlimited disk space, bandwidth, MySQL databases, email accounts and add-on domains.
  • Business Unlimited Plan – This option is designed more for small to medium businesses, and it starts at $7.95 per month. You basically get everything you would with the Start Plan, except they also throw in a dedicated IP and SEO.
  • Premium Unlimited Plan – Here’s a plan for busy websites. It costs $15.95 per month, and you gain every feature from the previous plan along with a private SSL certificate and a premium backup service.

It’s worth noting that every single plan comes with a free domain, free website transfer, unlimited websites to host, a one-click script installer, a website builder and a money-back guarantee.

Also, these prices are if you prepay for three years. Other prices, for varying timeframes, are located on the online order form.

Do we Recommend HostUpon?

Yup, we recommend HostUpon for your website. The pricing is solid, and the add-ons are much better than some other company you would see on the market. Not to mention, an unlimited amount of bandwidth and email accounts is pretty darn nice.

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