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New bloggers are often overwhelmed by the sheer enormity of all that goes into making a blog site. Actually, there are a few basics that you may need to master but with user-friendly platforms like WordPress and the right hosting company, you can get your blog up and running the very same day. There are only two things that may take a bit of time and consideration and they are choosing a theme you like for your niche and finding the right hosting company that has what you need.

Choosing a theme is pretty much up to you depending on what you like and are comfortable working with, but the hosting company is a whole different matter altogether. There are basic requirements which must be met or you should continue looking. Here are hosting basics for new bloggers so that you have a starting point in features to look for when you are ready to make a blog.

Questionable Storage Space

One of the biggest issues new bloggers encounter is in the marketing tactics of some hosting companies. Storage is going to be a huge issue at some point if you intend to do some serious blogging with lots of images, videos and perhaps a sound bite or two. Many hosting companies advertise ‘unlimited storage space’ but if you take the time to read the fine print (and it’s in your best interest to always do so!) you will find that it is only ‘unlimited’ up to what they consider the normal website to require. Okay, so what is normal? That’s something you should have in black and white prior to signing on with that company.

Where Are Their Servers?

In the past it was advised that new bloggers question what kind of computers the hosting company was using to store their data on. While this is still an important consideration, technically it isn’t so much an issue anymore because more and more hosting companies are hosting ‘in the cloud.’ Yes, you still need to know what kind of machines and technology they are using but you also need to know where they are sending your data. Is it going to be in the UK or the US? Will your data be ‘shipped’ abroad to some country with unknown or non-existent regulations in terms of security? You should still ask about the equipment they use but you also need to know exactly where they will be storing your data. That’s a critical consideration.

Price Comparisons

One other very important consideration is cost. Here again, it is probably necessary to read the fine print because you may only be allowed so much storage space and bandwidth before pricing begins to rise. New bloggers have fallen into this trap before. They start getting complaints from visitors with pages not loading quickly enough or at all, and then when questioning the hosting company, they find they were sold a ‘smaller package deal’ with smaller bandwidth and storage limits. If price is an issue, compare several hosting companies with comparable features and then balance the cost one against the other.

You are probably excited about setting up your new blog but in your excitement, don’t make critical mistakes you will come to regret later down the road. Hosting is a huge consideration when creating a new blog so it’s important to know what you are buying before signing on the digital bottom line. Armed with this knowledge, it’s time to start searching for the right hosting company. Good luck in your search and have fun blogging!

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  • Jahangir @inspirefusion

    Never go with companies who advertise “Unlimited Space” and “Unlimited Bandwidth”, there is nothing unlimited in the hosting industry. Always go with decent web host who clearly mention the space and bandwidth allowed.

    Another thing I would suggest is to go with Shared Hosting first to gain some experience on hosting and when your site gets famous and you get lots of visitors daily then switch to VPS.