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Today many web professionals are involved in creating websites that should be interesting, unique and visually appealing. In fact, one of the keys to success in any business whether online or off is to appeal to the 5 senses and vision is the most important of those.

With that in mind the creators of What Font Is have put together a very simple, extremely easy to use website that will let the user search for, compare and get access to fonts of all kinds.

Let’s say for example that you’re looking for the name of a specific font you saw online so that you can use it on your website. Simply upload a screen grab or other picture of the font that you want (a word or phrase) and What Font Is will search and find the closest match for you.  Some of the fonts they find will be free and some will be to purchase but they show you everything.

Similarly you can type in the name of a font (if you already know it) and the website will find it for you and give you access to download it. It’s a snap really and shouldn’t take but a few minutes. You can filter your results also, like only free fonts or only commercial fonts, making the task that much easier. It’s also completely free to use.

What Font Is links to hundreds of fonts already on their site, has a FQA page and email help option, and you can even link to your site from theirs. There’s also an example page so that you can see what you need to upload in order for their font search program to work correctly.

Let me be honest; What Font Is certainly isn’t going to directly generate income for your business and it isn’t particularly ground-breaking but,  if you’re looking for a one-stop font shopping site that will help you find and download the perfect font for any project, this is the website to bookmark.


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