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When selling any type of product there needs to be an interface between the customer and the seller. When you go to the grocery for example the store clerks and the cashiers help you to select and pay for your purchases, answer any questions you might have (which isle for ketchup?), and make your visit as easy, painless and stress free as possible. They may even make it pleasurable and fun. They are your interface with the store, whether its groceries, clothing or even a new car.

When you sell online you need an interface with your customers also, but you don’t have the option to sell face to face. That takes away a key sales tool, leaving you with the task of coming up with online options to deal with the loss of that tool.

A well-designed virtual storefront is therefore very important. It needs to be the ‘face’ of your online business and, just like the clerk in the grocery store, it needs to make it easy for your customers to ask questions, see options and make purchases.

Today there are a growing number of online businesses that are experts at helping online business owners to set up a virtual storefront and start generating revenue quickly. The service that IzzoNet and others like them provide is invaluable, especially if you’re not a code expert that can write your own HTML and JavaScript. With absolutely no coding experience practically anyone that knows their way around a computer will be able to set up a fully-working virtual storefront.

These websites use something called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) to show you, as you’re ‘building’ your new storefront, what it will look like. They use ‘drag and drop’ technology to let you easily put in pictures and content. In effect, they give you the tools you need to build a storefront that is ready to accept customers, sell product and receive payments, no small feat only a few short years ago.

If you want to have a ‘live chat’ option they can help you set it up. Have hundreds of products? They can help you organize them into categories and make them easy for your customers to find and purchase. Practically anything you need to set up a working online store they can provide for you, and they even have some features that you might never have thought of.

Now keep in mind that you might need some time to get used to working with these programs and see how everything functions, Izzonet included, but it’s definitely do-able for the average computer user.

It’s quite amazing really when you think that, only scant years ago, you would have had to hire a service to do all of these tasks for you and it could take days or even weeks. Now, with a little bit of time and not a whole lot of energy, you can build a professional looking, fully functioning virtual storefront yourself, right at your own desk.

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