Grab a copy of Startup Framework with a 20% discount

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Designmodo is one of the greatest resources for creative professionals and it’s in my personal top 5 design blogs out there. Their trust and recognition in the community comes from being able to engage and actively participate in the design community, with innovation and fresh ideas – every step of the way. That has also enabled the Designmodo team to come up with their latest innovation, the Startup Framework.

Startup Framework Designmodo

The Startup Framework was in the works for several months, and has lived up to every expectation that the community had, before the product was launched. Startup Framework is a modular/grid based system that can enable you to build amazing websites for your startup(s) in just a few minutes.

Because we’ve had a go at this product, and we think it’s in accordance to the latest web standards, we have teamed up with the Designmodo people to give something back, a deal that will give you a 20% discount on the latest edition of the Startup Framework.

Use the coupon code inspiredm at checkout to receive the deposit. Valid until 09.05.2014

Anyone who has ever needed a professional website, knows – it’s not something that can be bought cheaply. The Startup Framework is going to set you back $249 ($199 after the discount is added), which is a small (one-off) price to pay for the rich functionality and feature list.

startup framework is perfect for a new business

The Startup Framework is powered by the latest web technology, including:

  • Bootstrap 3
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • LESS (CSS pre-processor)

It’s built to be powered by ‘blocks’ – which mean that any part of the website you’re going to be building, can be narrowed down by a ‘block’. A block will contain either a feature of the website, or a promotional image, or information about your business. Whatever it is that a new startup might need.

The feature of putting together blocks is also known as the ‘Generator‘.

Generator for Startup Framework  Create Landing Page   Designmodo

The Generator will allow you to modify several parts of the webpage that you’re going to build for your new startup, including those of:

  • Header
  • Content
  • Pricing Tables
  • Project News
  • Contact Forms
  • Team Members
  • Blogs
  • Footer Pages

As you can see, that’s a lot of functionality. And the best part, it can all be highly customized to suit your own personal needs, and the philosophy of your startup. No design is ever the same, and that’s what makes the Startup Framework so unique.

A custom built website for your startup might cost well over a thousand dollars, and any additional changes or features are going to cost you even more. A startup website should have the essential features, like a blog, contact form and the information about the product – the rest of time money and time should be spent on making the product/platform better than it already is.

Demo Version of Startup Framework

Good products will always try and back themselves up with previews, presentations, and most importantly – demos. Startup Framework is no exception, as the team has put together a GitHub project, dubbed the ‘Startup Framework Demo‘.

designmodo startup demo · GitHub

We have created this demo version in order to show you the structure of Startup Framework. It has some of the components from the full version, 2 great samples (Bootstrap themes) and documentation. You can also find 2 images of a Macbook and an iPad, which you can use in your project. We hope you will like your first introduction to Startup Framework.

It’s limited to far less options/features than the original product, but that doesn’t mean you cannot produce a great looking site. Take a look at this Sample website that was built using the demo version. You can expect a professional designer to charge well in the hundreds for such professional work. While Startup Framwework provides a free solution.

We’re really pleased with the product, and one last thing that is worth a mention – is that this product has such an extensive and easy to understand documentation, you’ll be building your own creative websites within a couple of days after purchasing the Startup Framework. It’s truly wonderful.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.