GooglePlay Takes on Apple iTunes & Amazon Cloud [Infographic]

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I’m by far too addicted to my Rdio account to switch to any other service anytime soon, but Google is challenging Apple iTunes and Amazon Locker with Google Play, in the hope of grabbing some marketshare, or even overthrowing them. Can Google, be the underdog in this space? Here’s an interesting infographic detailing the competitive strengths and weaknesses of iTunes, Amazon and Google Music. Looks like it’s a bit too much in favor of GooglePlay but it has some great information nevertheless. Wondering what’s your take on this.

Few more words about the three services:

Google Music

Out in America for a few years now, Google Music has arrived in the UK and elsewhere. Predictably, it’s largely a cloud-based service with those on Android the most obvious to benefit but its competitive pricing is hard to ignore for a user on any operating system. Google has been fairly quiet about the actual size of its music catalogue but it seems that there’s around 15 million tracks available for purchase along with plenty that are free as well. You can download as much as you like to store locally but, in terms of cloud storage, there’s an upper limit of room for 20,000 tracks for the music that you import.


Like Google, Amazon is all about rock bottom prices. It’s platform agnosticism is also something of a benefit. Amazon’s MP3 collection is pretty good, with the company claiming a library of over 20 million songs but, much as with Google Music, that’s really not an issue given that you can add your own bits and pieces to your cloud storage locker. What should be noted though is that it’s possible to have up to 250,000 songs up there along with anything you purchase direct from Amazon MP3.

Apple iTunes

One of the oldest and most rigid services out there, the iTunes Store is strictly a non-streaming affair, despite the number of times that it’s been predicted Apple will finally change things. The iTunes Store has the second best library of available tracks out there by pure numbers at a quoted 26 million tracks, and that’s good. Even better is that you don’t have to buy them all in order to get access to them. The iTunes Match service allows you to create a 25,000-song personal library as well as anything you buy from the iTunes Store itself, although that does come at a subscription cost.

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