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September 15, 1997. That was the day Larry Page and Sergey Brin officially registered the domain, and the internet was never the same.

Because true inspiration – and innovation – can really transform the World, today we bring a selection of data-visualizations that show how Google stepped up to be the giant that we all know today. I also recommend a visit at Wikipedia’s article for a more “text” version of this incredible path.

The History

Google’s history is one of those amazing tales of “American Dream meets geniuses on the right moment”. A little bit of that history:

The History of Search Engines

The Birth of Inbound Marketing: From Google to HubSpot

The innovation

Despite the fact that the main revenues always came from advertising, it was the PageRank technology that still garantees Brin and Page a place among the new generation technology revolutionaries.

How Google Works: in Gory Detail

Search Engine Statistics

Understanding Google PageRank: A Graphical Guide

The Dominance

Speaking about Google is an exercise of grandiosity by itself. The numbers behind the corporation are amazing – and they just don’t seem to stop growing.

Just How massive is Google?

Google Facts and Figures

Planet Google: From Philosophies to Market Shares

The World’s Most Admired Companies

Google Search World Domination

Google’s Widening Range

Who uses Adwords

Who owns the most servers

Google, undisputed heavyweight champion of search

The Buying Spree

Since the year 2000, Google has made investments and acquisitions on a constant basis:

Tracking Google’s Acquisitions

Google’s Acquisition Map

Google Acquisitions

Much more than a Search engine

As we saw previously, Google has been on a rampage of acquisitions. But few were so important as YouTube. Behold some facts and figures behind the online video world leader

YouTube’s Path to World Domination

Evolution of YouTube

5 Years of YouTube

The State of YouTube

So You Want to Watch YouTube Flowchart

Information and Trends

The set of tools that compose the Google Universe is indeed fantastic. An the ones related to internet itself are some of the best – like Trends and Insights:

Google Trends for Infographics

Google Insights for Infographics

Rediscovering our World – and beyond

With Google Earth, the company made another giant leap into greatness, providing a revolutionary tool for rediscovering our planet. Geography was never so fun! Soon, hundreds of interactive visualizations were produced, opening a new era of data-visualization:

Health map

Possible impacts of a global temperature rise of 4 degrees Celsius

BBC Dimensions

Map Guide to WiFi in airports world-wide


The number of Google products is amazingly huge, showing the ability of constant innovation. Some visualizations about those “minor” services:

The Google Universe

Visualizing GMail

Google Voice

How Google Street View Works


One of the recent technological market fields that Google seems to be doing well is Mobile, with Android being a surprising success.

Android’s Massive Growth In Perspective

The Era of Android

The Rise of Android

Google Maps for Mobile

Apple, Google, Microsoft & mobile

Failures and Concerns

Of course that not everything is nice and easy for Google. Here are some of the “troubled waters” the company has to sail trough…

Google vs. World: 79 Places Google is Being Sued or Blocked

Google and China, a difficult search

Data Removal Services

Social Media and other Flops

Like Microsoft did with Google, underestimating the opportunities behind the search business, some say that Google made the same mistake by ignoring the true importance of Social Media. Even Orkut, popular in India and Brazil, was never a priority. And this king of mistakes usually comes with a high cost…

Google’s Long History of Social Media Attempts

Brazil, the Country of Orkut

Google Flops & Failures – The Failed Google Graveyard


Information. That’s Google main asset, and it gets bigger by the second. It didn’t take long for the concerns with privacy issues become part of their daily “bad news” routine, like when Google Buzz was launched…

Good or Evil: have we shared too much information?

Fear Google

Do You Know Who’s Watching You?

Crimes in Orkut

Twitter Perceptions of Google Buzz Over Time

Cloud Computing: Public vs. Private


Size means energy. And energy equals environmental impact. What’s Google impact and what are they doing about it?

The Energy used in Google Search

How Google is More Green Than You

Against the other big players

Naturally, as Google grown, other “traditional” players had to pay more and more attention to the new giant. And companies like Apple and Microsoft engaged in a interesting dispute, joined recently by Facebook as well.

Apple, Google and Microsoft

Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft

Google vs Apple

The Future

What can we expect from Google? I believe nobody can really answer that without using a bit of wild imagination…

Google: Into the Future


We could not end this post without some cool videos. The Google Universe has been a constant subject in infographic videos, some of it even made by Google itself. A few of my personal favorites:

Even with this amount of data visualizations, I still got that feeling that we could go on and on, forever. That’s the supreme beauty of Google – nobody knows when it ends…

As usual, feel free to leave other sugestions – maybe next year we’ll include it, on the 14th anniversary.

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Tiago Veloso is the founder of Visual Loop, a collaborative digital environment for everything related to information design and data visualization. He lives in Brazil, and you can connect with him online on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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