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Looking to add a new Font Family to your Typeface Toolbox? Then you’ve come to the right deal! The Glober Font Family is a welcome addition to anyone looking for a highly legible, unique typeface inspired by classic grotesque types. The family includes 18 different weights, loads of OpenType features, and is just perfect for headline and text block use! And for a limited time only, you can bring home the entire family at a whopping 90% off the regular price!

Glober font family highlights

  • Classic Grotesque Typeface
    Inspired by those classic grotesque typefaces, Glober has a truly unique style. A touch of softened geometric forms gives this font a true one-of-a-kind appearance with a highly legible appearance.
  • 18 Unique Weights
    Glober’s one big happy family! You don’t just get 1 member of the tribe, you get all 18 members! That’s 18 different weights (9 uprights and 9 italics) including: Glober Thin, Glober Thin Italic, Glober Light, Glober Light Italic, Glober Book, Glober Book Italic, Glober Regular, Glober Regular Italic, Glober Semi Bold, Glober Semi Bold Italic, Glober Bold, Glober Bold Italic, Glober Extra Bold, Glober Extra Bold Italic, Glober Heavy, Glober Heavy Italic, Glober Black, and Glober Black Italic.
  • Great for Headlines
    Need a solid headline font? Glober’s the perfect solution! It’s not only a great choice for headlines of any size, but it’s excellent with all sorts of text blocks.
  • Versatile in Use
    Where can you best use Glober? Just about anywhere and everywhere! This terrific typeface is great for any sort of graphic design work on the Web, in print, for motion graphics and more. Think of what you can do with T-shirts, posters, logos, signs, album covers and more!
  • Tons of OpenType Features
    The entire Glober Font Family takes full advantage of loads of OpenType features. Enjoy such neat options as alternate ‘g’ characters, automatic fractions, numerators and denomerators, automatic ordinals, automatic subscript and superscripts, lining figures (both proportional and tabular), extended language support and more!


The Glober Font Family normally sells for $190 (for the Desktop version), but for a limited time only, you can get all 18 fonts for only $19! OR get both the Desktop and Web Font versions together for just $28, instead of the regular price of $285 – That’s a tremendous savings of 90% off the regular price!

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