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A bumper sticker used to be one of those items that you saw all over cars on the highway. This simple technology has transferred over to a way companies can brand themselves and show their creativity or let others know what it is they do.

Unfortunately, ordering custom stickers to place on cups, computers, cars and windows can cost you quite a bit of money.

When I began checking out StickerYou, I realized that individuals and companies now have a simple solution to order stickers without the messy design modules or the high costs. The StickerYou company has a mission to provide handy tools for you to create stickers that show of your personality or advertise your brand.

Since the costs are so reasonable, and they are giving away a $100 coupon, we want to outline the company to show how it can benefit you with your image. Continue reading to learn about what makes StickerYou stand out.

How StickerYou Comes Into Play for Your Branding Efforts

With any business, your main objective is to generate a brand that people remember. In order to coax people to come back and buy more, with the intention of building relationships as well, you need a logo, message and distribution network that stands on its own. These things are quite helpful, but the design work often requires lots of money on your end.

Imagine hiring a professional designer to make stickers for your floor and wall decals. It would turn into an expensive endeavor, not to mention you’d have to pay for the overall printing expenses.

I’m finding that many people enjoy personal branding as well, using stickers (similar to FatHeads) for showing off interests in bedrooms, dorm rooms, on computers and on t-shirts for family reunions and sports teams.

The reason StickerYou is your friend for these purposes is because it trims the costs and you can design your stickers with your own uploads or by using some of the stock images provided through StickerYou.

What Products Can You Find at StickerYou?

The Sticker You Products are organized into several categories including:

  • Stickers
  • Labels
  • Temporary Tattoos
  • Irons Outs
  • Wall, Floor and Window Decals
  • Magnets

This is just the jumping off point. When you select one of the categories listed above, a wide selection of options show up. For example, I decided to search for some stickers that I could potentially customize for my own business and found that I could browse by sticker art that was already designed for me in the the StickerYou database.

I noticed that I also had the opportunity to try anything from clear sticker to custom stickers and bumper sticker to stickers that are in certain shapes.

This site has the ease of use that many of the other custom labelling sites have lost, considering many of those sites are filled with ads and clunky design engines.

However, StickerYou lets you choose if you want all the same or unique stickers printed on each of your pages, and the Sticker Editor includes tools for adding text, modifying the sticker size and changing the background color.

Where other competitors fail, StickerYou comes to the rescue with basic design elements and affordable pricing.

Another reason StickerYou stands out is because it only uses the highest quality materials when producing your stickers, putting your company or personality in the spotlight for offering durable and fun items for customers to pass around and enjoy.

Uploading images is fairly easy as well, with an upload feature that supports GIF, JPG and PNG file formats. The max file sizes and dimensions are specified to clarify whether or not you can use an image or if you need to modify it before sending it through the StickerYou system.

Upon completing your design, the checkout process happens quickly, allowing you to choose how many prints you need and which payment type you would like to use. After that, hit the Order button and the stickers are sent to you within a few days.

StickerYou Pricing Options

Feel free to request a quote for one of your custom projects, but you can also get a general idea of the StickerYou pricing structure here. Most of the orders are priced per page, allowing for you to save cash when buying a large amount of stickers.

As an example, White Vinyl Stickers and Labels run for $9.99 per page, yet when you go for between 100-500 pages the price comes down to $3.09 per page. Temporary tattoos start at $14.99 per page (for one page,) but the price drops drastically to $2.29 per page when you order 100-500 pages.

What’s More? The StickerYou Support Team is Wonderful

Along with valuable sticker design tools and services, StickerYou delivers a level of customer support that dwarfs that of its competitors. The company has an FAQs page for you to get started with your search, and the custom quote area is a bonus for those who are wondering about how much it may cost to fit the entire softball team with custom shirts. A representative responds in a reasonable time, and you can send in questions if you aren’t clear on the rates.

Along with a strong social media presence and a newsletter for exclusive offers, StickerYou offers a page for trying out its products for free. Check out the kind of product you want and have them send you a demo item before committing to a full order.

If you’d rather speak to a person, give the support team a call, or send them an email from the Customer Support Contact page.

$100 Coupon Giveaway

Now we want to hear from. For a chance to win our Coupon all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what you would print on your sticker, the competition ends 14 days from now, on August 10th.


And our winner is mojo706, who has been contacted, congratulations and thank you everyone for joining, check back soon for more amazing giveaways.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • Skyler

    I might use this to print magnets for my wedding!

  • latanya t

    I would smiley faces on them for when my son does a good job.

  • Laura Pierson

    I would use them to promote my father-in-law’s business.

  • Stephen

    I’d use them to print out my logo and promote my business!

  • mesopinions

    I’d like to open a new youtube channel, that would help promote it locally.

  • Kat

    I would use them to create giveaway magnets and stickers to promote my business, and possibly use the temporary tattoos to advertise at networking events. Thank you.

  • Matthew

    These would make awesome promo items for my friends new business

  • Seb

    I would print labels for my new Café business to place on take-out orders and cups

  • Caleb Morris

    I would print a die-cut sticker of a bear riding a bicycle with lightning bolts on his helmet to promote my illustration business and as a giveaway with print sales.

  • Gtwdesigns

    I design labels for a client who produces homebrew beer, so I would gift him the coupon so that he could get professional labels done instead of having labels done at a local Kinkos on sticker paper.

  • Rust

    Great for my son’s fledgling tech repair upstart.

  • Traci Ross

    Mountains and rainbows are my favorite things so I’d make stickers with those to give out at my wedding next year.

  • Jimmie Kirby

    I made a bunch of back to school cartoons and I would love to make them into stickers to give to my friends and possibly start selling them online.

  • Tyneisha

    I would make unique logo labels for my business!

  • Steve Robillard

    I would print a logo for my electronics projects and kits.

  • karen petrychko

    I would like to print some smart joke to put on my vehicle.

  • We have a group for JavaScript in Nairobi called NairobiJS. We do outreach to Universities and teach JS to anyone who is willing to learn about it. I’d print stickers for @NairobiJS. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • jaime

    I would print stickers with my company logo and contact information, to be used on mailed packages and gift wrapped boxes!

  • Thank you very much! This is a boost to us. You are the best!