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WordPress themes don’t always provide the ability to get completely creative and change them into anything you want. In fact, more often than not, your website looks exactly like anyone else who bought the same theme as you.

This sort of minimizes your chances for branding, doesn’t it? A logo with theme color changes is fine, but what you truly need is a theme that transforms into dozens of different layouts with the click of the button.

Enter the Montroid WordPress theme. (Demo here)

This is a monster of a WordPress theme for three primary reasons:

  • You can create virtually any website layout you want.
  • Child theme topic updates are sent out for free.
  • Extensions are available for expanding site functionality.

I’m going to walk through an in-depth review of the Monstroid WordPress theme to give you an idea if the theme works for your business or blogging presence, but you can also be entered to win the Monstroid theme for free if you visit the sales page, demo the theme, then comment on this article, explaining your favorite feature.

Without further ado…let’s take a look at the features you receive with the Monstroid WordPress theme.

Ease of Use


Generally, if you want to install multiple themes on a single domain, it requires you to generate a subdirectory through your hosting account. With Monstroid that’s not the case. The theme is installed as a plugin, so it takes only a few minutes, and every step of the installation is written down in the WordPress dashboard for you. Overall, the Installation Wizard is powerful for both beginners and advanced users alike.

A chat box keeps you in contact with the Monstroid support team, demo data can be installed via the cloud and they even give you quick links to find the options panel and frontend of your website after the installation.

The theme options aren’t any more difficult either, with a simple navigational panel for uploading images, managing pages, implementing new headers and changing around your styling.

A Seemingly Unlimited Amount of Features

I actually found it somewhat tough to keep track of all the features in the Monstroid theme, so here are the ones that stood out to me the most.

A Versatile Online Shop


WooCommerce integration is included with the Monstroid theme, and it combines with your website so nicely. Upload your products, include the shop in your navigational menu and complete all the discounts, ratings and orders you generally would with WooCommerce.

Build Portfolios and Galleries


The galleries and portfolio features seem similar, but the layout options are incredible. Choose from masonry, grid or justified gallery templates. Each of those designs has three or four more layouts a piece. Portfolios have similar settings, and they both include filtering capabilities so your potential clients can find what they need quick.


Use Exclusive Shortcodes to Stay Away from Source Code

Shortcodes are handy for developers and newbies who don’t want to get their hands messy with coding.

However, with Monstroid, the shortcodes are exclusive to the platform, since they’ve all been developed just for Monstroid. Customize your pages, add varying types of content types and truly empower the visual aspects of your site with these shortcodes.

This is a huge feature, since they allow you to create your shortcode templates and edit them with ease. Not only are you able to use these templates on any of your designs, but they cut out all the work needed to design what the shortcodes are automatically generating.

Backup and Restore Modified Theme Settings

Have you ever made a change on your website that you wish you could take back? Monstroid has an interesting feature that lets you scroll back in time. If you screwed up a design or jumped back to far in time, simply go through the history to locate the ideal look you were initially going for.

Use Multiple Child Theme Topics on a Single Domain


Take a look at the amazing child themes that come along with the Monstroid theme. You can select the default theme, but the developers have packaged together over 15 child theme topics for varying industries.

In short, this means that both a school and interior design company could be using the Monstroid theme, but both sites would look completely different. Not only that, the Monstroid team sends out new topic updates on a monthly basis.

Take a look at some of the child theme topics below:

  • The main Monstroid theme
  • Financial Advisor/IT
  • Education
  • Interior and Furniture
  • Art and Photography
  • The Sky-High Theme for business, industrial, internet, and engineering websites
  • The PixelArt theme for web design, software, electronics and more
  • HR Recruiting
  • A school and education theme
  • A sporting, hobby and culture theme
  • The Sunrise theme for advertising, web development, software and electronics

Take Advantage of a Responsive Design

This is one of the least surprising features offered in the Monstroid theme, but it’s nice to know that your site visitors can open up a tablet, phone or just about any other device and still see what content is showing.

Instant Cherry Style Switcher

With a theme like Monstroid it makes you wonder how quick and easy it is to switch between skins and child themes. I tested this out and not only can you implement multiple themes on the same domain, but it takes just a few button clicks to switch them out and activate new ones. I was rather pleased with this, since adding a landing page or new ecommerce shop should only take your a few minutes.

Multiple Sliders

Several slider plugins are included with Monstroid (one premium one, called MotoPress, and a free one called Cherry Simple Slider,) and I would say this is indeed a good thing, since it seems like webmasters have drastically different views on the way sliders should look on websites.

Over 50 Free Graphics


Have you ever had to purchase your own stock photos or scour the Creative Commons library to make a simple promotional banner? I’ve never actually seen this while reviewing WordPress themes, so to me, the fact that you receive over 50 royalty free images is a huge bonus.

Statics Area Builder

This is a drag-and-drop tool, meant to help you locate static page elements, such as a logo or menu bar. As long as you’re searching anywhere along the header and footer you can locate these elements and modify them without having to spend much time on the process.

Social Integration


Customize social buttons, and forget about installing a third party plugin for social sharing buttons and counters. They all come with Monstroid.

Tons of PSD Files, Charts, Fonts and Other Design Components


Like I stated before, it’s tough to wrap my head around how many design elements come along with the Monstroid theme, but to give you the short version, Monstroid provides several pricing table formats to choose from. Hundreds of PSD files come with your purchase, along with charts, fonts and more.

Page formats generate versatility, with the ability to make career, about us, contact, FAQ, newsletter, pricing, services, team and testimonial pages.


Extend the Monstroid Functionality with Extensions


If you find that a feature isn’t included with the Monstroid theme, chances are you can install one of the additional plugins. Go here to view them all, but below is a list of some of my favorites:

  • Monstroid Skin switcher
  • Monstroid Wizard
  • MotoPress Slider
  • Cherry Ranking
  • Cherry Shortcode Templater
  • MotoPress Editor

The Bottom Line

If you’re a developer who only wants to pay for a single theme but gain the opportunity to make websites (1 main domain and 2 sub domains per license), that all look different, this is a gem for you. In other words, you can use Monstroid with one domain, and you also receive two additional installations as a bonus”

The same goes for folks out there who only run one or two of their own websites. The goal when building a website is to stand out from the crowd, so being able to choose between several themes after only spending the money for one is rather valuable.

I highly recommend the Monstroid theme.

Giveaway Instructions

If you like what you see, and I hope you do, because the theme has worked rather well during my tests, go to the Monstroid Theme page (test out all features in the demo,) then post a comment in the section below by Sep 23 2015. Quickly state what your favorite feature of this theme is, and you’ll be entered into a free giveaway for the Monstroid WordPress theme!

You can also drop a line if you have any questions about the functionality of the Monstroid WordPress theme. It’s a powerful solution, but it doesn’t take much time to learn, so feel free to start a discussion. In addition, you can take a look at the recent and future updates getting pumped out by the Monstroid team.

And the winner is

We’ve randomly selected the winner: his or her username is Somaly! Congrats and thanks everyone for taking the time to enter the giveaway!

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

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    it’s nice to know that your site visitors can open up a tablet, phone and other devices and still see what content is showing.

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