Geek Fashion: 55 fresh T-shirts for the Creative Community

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Summer, as well as the Global Warming or the Swine Flew, puts us back on track: we’re in T-shirt rage and we must get the most unique, original, even horrific tee just for us. Inspired Magazine made a selection of the hottest tees right now. The T-shirt is the message!

In Space & Tweet

inspace tweet

Spork & Rocksmith Boombox

spork boombox

Being Bill Murray & Hero Vest

billmurray herovest

Camelot & Job

camelot job

King For A Day & Life’s Good

peoplescartel lifesgood

Boxing Gloves & Office Chat

boxinggloves officechat

Finders Keepers & Fiction vs. Non-Fiction

finderskeepers fictionvsnonfiction

Hope & Obamadeus

hope obamadeus

The Accent & The Hall of Cliche Super Heroes

theaccent thehallofclichesuperheroes

Twitter Evolution & Saint Or Sisnt

twitterevolution saint

Muscles N’ M-60s Black & The Sunstache Kid

badasscinema thesunstashkid

Pigeons Love NY & Mob Musicians

pigeons mobmusicians

Vince Vulcan & Who Watches the Watches?

vince watches

Linty Fresh & Less Formal

lintyfresh lessformal

Guitar Hero &  One Hundred

guitarhero onehundre

Peek Into The Dark Side & Strange invaders

peekintothedarkside strangeinvaders

Your Eyes Lie Shady & Fuct Turn On The Middle Class Tee

yourseyeslie fuctturn

Seinfeld Nunchaku & Albert Einstein

seinfeld albert

AOK & Smile For No Undies

aok smile

Bubble T-shirt & Duke Nukem

bubble duke

Stay Smart & Explode 2600

serious exploded

Dog T shirt Umbrella & Called For Help

dogtshirt calledforhelp

Grapefruit V-Neck & The original

grapefruit theoriginal

Patterns & GRRR

mylifeismade brightgrrr

Festval du Film & Green Panda Crew

filmalimentaire greenpanda

Fixed Gear & L’Idiot Savant

fixedgear lidiotsavant

Wild Cats & Music Business Remastered

wildcats musicbusiness

Element Mona


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