Fundamentals of converting a landing page

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With millions upon millions of websites out there, it can be hard to make yours stand out in the exact way that you’d like it to. One of the first things to improve upon with any website is its landing page. The first question you may ask is, what exactly is a landing page? This is the page that is considered a ‘call to action’ page. The one that wants users to sign up for an account or service, or buying a product. The landing page can also be crucial to driving new users to your destination site and also making them want to come back for more. There are many routes you can go down when it comes to making the best landing page for your audience, let’s check out some of the many options out there today.

  • Consistency: Consistency is crucial when it comes to your site. From the banner ads on other sites, to the landing page and the destination site itself, make sure the design is the same. Consistency gives the users a sense of comfort and allows them to easily navigate through your site. It might sound silly, but it’s this idea of consistency and order that has a calming effect on a lot of people.

  • Don’t beat around the bush: The worse thing you can do on a landing page is force people to look around for your message. The average person stays on a webpage for no longer than 20 seconds. Is your message clear in that time? If it’s not then change it to be.

  • De-cluttering: Clutter is the enemy of any landing page. If you throw too much information at users, they will learn nothing. Give them one item to focus on and present it to them in a way that is clear and centralized. A landing page with too many graphics or too much going on in the background can hurt you more than it helps.

Here are 7 Examples of Amazing Landing Pages:

Code School

This landing page has testimonials and a very clear message that is easy to find within the first few seconds of browsing the site. The call to action on the bottom is hard to miss and the simplicity of the design is pleasing to the eye.


Stripe’s landing page is a bit more complex and gives the user more information to process, but they’ve still found a way to make the information inviting and interesting. The bolded language is simple and drives users straight to the point.

12 Palms Recovery Center

While it’s more or less unconventional to make your “conversion goal” educating your visitors on your company’s mission, 12 Palms Recovery has done very well.  The design works itself into a natural funnel slowly directing the visitor into the call-to-action button.


GiftRocket’s landing page uses neutral colors and open space to make it very inviting for its users. This is a great example of how de-cluttering really works to the site’s advantage. The mission and goals are clearly stated and it’s hard to miss the ‘Send a Gift Rocket’ button at the top of the page.

The Happiness Theory

The Happiness Theory’s landing page is straight up and to the point.  Their value proposition clearly states their purpose as an organization.  Their corporate goal is to inspire individuals to pursue their own path of contentment.  If that’s what you’re looking for, it’s obvious what to do next.  Put in your email and click the giant blue button.


Instagrille is an app that allows users to view the best photos on Instagram and even allows them to download the users to their computers. Mimicking the style of the Instagram app, users will immediately recognize this and see this landing page as a connection to Instagram.

Tiny Letter

Tiny Letter’s simple, yet bold design is a great way to use color to your advantage on a landing page. There’s a lot of open space and few words on this page which means the words that do appear are all the more crucial. Users know exactly what to do with this page.

Other factors to remember when creating a landing page are: make sure everything refers back to your message. That is your main purpose of the page, so don’t back away from it. Also, it’s important to link to other social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook on a landing page. With nearly 600 million active users on both sites, there’s bound to be someone in your target audience.

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