Freebie Tuesday – FileShare HQ Business Plan For One Year

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There are quite a few happy Inspired readers by now, with some free Moo business cards in their pockets, lots of premium WordPress themes, Surreal CMS licenses, custom greeting cards, and so on. Today we’re hosting a special edition of Freebie Tuesday with a free Fileshare HQ Business Plan, two runner up T-Shirts, and 20 sticker packs. Yay!

What is Fileshare HQ?


Fileshare HQ is a revolutionary cloud file storage service that provides professional users with the ability to share and send large files to their clients and staff. An easy-to-use service with a professional quality.

Why Is It So Cool?

FileShare HQ has some very useful features for every freelancer, designer, or developer:

  • easy uploading: pick your file – any size, it doesn’t matter – and upload it to your account. Stored safely and ready to share
  • stored forever: your files are secure, and stored forever. We even back them up for you so everything is 100% redundant
  • extra space: on a job and need more GB – upgrade instantly with our 2 click process
  • branding: lose our branding and use yours
  • pro FTP: manage your account with FTP but let you clients access their files from the web or email
  • go users: add users to your account. They get their own web access, secure folder AND FTP access
  • professional grade: work with big files, video and images

The Tour

The Giveaway

Enter to win a FilesShare HQ Business Plan, 2 T-Shirts and sticker packs – do one of the following:

  • share an inspirational link / article / image / idea in the comments
  • write this message on Twitter: “Get a free FileShare HQ Business Plan and runner-up T-Shirts + stickers from @InspiredMag Please share”

The winners will be randomly selected and listed here Friday. Good luck!


The Winners

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