Freebie Tuesday: FILE Magazine – the Most Hyped Visual Art Magazine of the Moment

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Our second mag-centric episode of the Freebie Tuesday series has a fabulous prize – two issues of FILE Magazine – the most creative new art magazine in a long time. Each issue comes with over 3 hours of short films, documentaries and music videos on two exclusive DVDs.

What is File Magazine?


FILE Magazine takes the visual art magazine scene by storm! It’s a bi-annual multimedia magazine featuring a broad selection of visual communication in the fields of graphic design, art, photography, fashion and moving image. Printed in amazing quality conditions, with a 30 × 39 cm hard cover and a full color 52 gsm newsprint stitched inside. Each issue is accompanied by a DVD featuring short films, music videos and documentaries. This is The magazine every creative person should have in the messenger bag.

Issue 1 – Sold Out


This first issue comes with a DVD containing over 2 hours of short films, music videos and interviews, as well as a limited print by Geoff McFetridge:

  • September, The Archive, Hearts Revolution, Rainbow Arabia, Thunderheist, Mississippi Witch
  • Lost & Found: Jim Lee, Planetarium of the Soul, Efterklang, Support
  • Cinematic Orchestra, Larytta, Dead Soul Brothers, Of Montreal, Autokratz
  • Roots Manuva, Eugene McGuinness, Beck, El Guincho, Soft Gun Lilly pt.1

Issue 2

The second issue of FILE Magazine has 124 pages and over 3 hours of short films, documentaries and music videos on DVD:

  • Brigitte Bardot and The Original Paparazzi shows how Bardot and the paparazzi created a whole new image of womanhood, female sexuality and youth fashion
  • Confessions, Explanations, Apologies a 30 minute filmed lecture with acclaimed Graphic Design and writer Richard Hollis, about his life obsession with paper and folding
  • Freedom on the Fence a 40 minute film documentary about the history of Polish posters and their significance to the social, political and cultural life of Poland
  • Lines in Space an interview with the American artist Arthur Ganson, plus an 18 minutes film selection of some of his most wonderful and peculiar machines

The Website


Within the same principles as the publication, FILE Online strives to promote and feature the very best of the current visual culture

The Giveaway

Enter to win the first two issues of the new FILE Magazine (the first one is already sold-out and from now on no one can get a copy of it beside our winner):

  • tell us in the comments why you deserve the coolest magazine & DVD combo of the moment
  • follow @FILE_Magazine & @InspiredMag on Twitter
  • tweet this message: Get 2 Issues of @File_Magazine – the Most Hyped Visual Art Magazine of the Moment RT to participate!

The Winner

  • DannyBoyBecause I’ve never won anything cool before! Well you did NOW Danny Boy :) Congrats, you’ll receive an email from the FILE mag crew

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I wasn’t lucky with the IdN magazine giveaway. I am new to the designing world and here in India such types of magazines are not available (or hardly available). So, it would be great to help out a newbie like me so that I can learn various aspects of art and designing.

  • SP

    Would love to get this one on my hands. As ^said we don’t get these magazines here. But anyway i love designing and i wont give up on what i love. hope i get lucky this time.

    congrats to whoever wins. Don’t go crazy! :P

  • Luke

    Oh I could get so many new ideas from this!

  • It would provide hours of entertainment on a rainy day.

  • kalakuta

    inspiration/perspiration this magazine and its visual files are the best gymn for our creative mind… and i love to be inspired!

  • Aman Reaka

    I love graphic design and i love to see new designers work. This magazine looks very well done and inspiring. Id love to own these.

  • Luca

    Love Never File!

    I like, to be inspired… and this magazine seems to be a great opportunity…

    Good luck everybody ;)


  • I should win because I crave the sweet, sweet smell of glossy paper upon my fingertips.

  • Camille

    Can’t get ENOUGH design. as Inspiration is to Breathing for me…

  • Rafael

    I just recently started following art and design magazines, this magazine is original in the way it presents content; much like any site i would like to make… that’s why i want it.

  • Andris Pudans

    Nice blog, you’re one of my list “worth of following” – daily of course… keep up good posts =)
    About the mag., I would love to get them… The new mag., It’s like a candy for the baby and the look, that he has in his eyes when you give that kandy to him =)

    Geetings to all designers outhere,
    from Riga, Latvia (Europe)!

  • Why my hands were so attracted by this most creative new art magazine in a long time ? I’m french, i’m fond of multimedia creation since years and i love so much this wonderful cover with Brigitte !

  • Sandra

    I am a magazine FANATIC, fresh Art Director graduate and I’ve been looking for a way to get my hands on a hard copy of File Magazine for a Very Long Time now and all i could grace my imagination with is the virtual version! None of the Publishers in my country import it and it’s a shame.
    Me winning this prize will only increase my obsession with FILE Magazine, visual art, and anything related to them!

  • Ali

    Just Because

  • lifeislottery

    Im a magaphile/ I hoard beautiful, inspirational pieces of information. Every issue is different and has something to offer, both graffic and digital. And the idea of gathering this issue would only further my obsession and advance my collection:)

  • Darius

    Hi there,
    I’m back from my holiday, my mind is clear and I’m hungry for a fresh inspiration… from FILE mag:)
    It’s always handy to have something substantial on my desk when working on my daily art direction and design projects.

  • beacause i deserve it ! :)


    I’m a chronic visual stimuli junkie and I need a fix. I hit all the various image file & design sites on the ‘net, go see the big 3-D animation & CG flicks, read a whole lot of design, fashion & biker mags, but it’s JUST NOT ENOUGH. I want MORE.

    Pick me!


    Bridget Bardot? Seriously, I need this.

  • an excellent opportunity to be inspired, develop and refine the work I do, and also cus i really want it… give it :-)

  • Marci

    it would complete me

  • Because I’ve never won anything cool before!

  • Nick

    Because new art keeps me sane in my cubicle, you don’t want a random art spree on your hands.

  • Richard

    I’m a poor art student.

  • Flor

    I’m always looking for inspiration esp through the web and magazine articles. The problem is, a laptop isn’t always practical, and every once in a while, a person has to step away from the computer and pick up something to read. This is where a magazine like FILE would come in handy.
    Already a follower of @inspiredmag. I will add @FILE_Magazine

  • kristi lee

    to deserve this would be an overstatement. to desire this with all of my heart would be an understatement.