3 simple detecting tools we love (and why you’ll love them too!)

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As a web designer or developer, it’s often helpful to have a toolbox of simple, specialized tools to help you solve very specific problems.  Here are 3 minimal and well-designed tools that we love, and we hope they’ll make your life just a little bit better too.

What’s My Browser


What’s My Browser is probably one of the most useful browser detection apps we’ve used to date. The site gives visitors a unique URL they can share with you—when you visit this URL, you’ll be able to see all the information about your client’s browser that you need for debugging front-end bugs.  This flow cuts out all the unnecessary back-and-forth with clients about how to check whether they have cookies enabled, whether they have flash installed, etc., which is especially helpful when working with less tech-savvy clients.

What Theme


Have you ever wondered what theme a website was using?  Or where you could find a similar theme (aka all the time)?  Now you can with What Theme. This amazing tool is like a “Shazam for website templates”—all you need to do is give it the URL to a website, and it’ll work it’s magic.  It’ll even link you directly to a page where you can either download or purchase the theme.



Similar to What Theme, WhatTheFont is like a Shazam for identifying fonts.  All you need to do is upload an image of a piece of text, and WhatTheFont will suggest a few fonts that match those letters.  In our tests, WhatTheFont has worked very well at giving you a starting point for finding that perfect font for your next web project.

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