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Primarily while checking out a website , the first thing a user will do is survey the page for eye pleasing contenting, and after something catches their attention they will actually begin reading it. Icons are sure shot attention grabbers.

They serve the same mental purpose as Paragraph breaks. They also make your content easy to read.  A well-formatted text, with content broken into effortlessly available paragraphs and intensified with symbols is a delight to the sore eyes and it makes it interesting enough to keep the attention of the user on the content.

Here is the simplest and the best example of using icons: downloading songs from a website.

I am sure you must have tried downloading songs from a website. So instead of saying  in which format it is available, why not denote it with icons? Like when you see an iPod u know the file is compatible to .aac format , etc and voila! Your message is conveyed to the user. Simple isn’t it?

If a website owner wants to give their website a different look, they should use professional, custom-made icons, specially designed for their application. Today, such services are affordable, even free!

So, stop wasting time writing so much content and start using icons as well. Get started today with this freebie:


Spice up your website features with these 30 Flatteriffic Vector Icons. Get various categories icons like Social Media Icons, Interface icons and Many more. You can use it for personal and commercial use. Grab the icons here.

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