Free Invoice Template – How to Make a Professional Invoice in Minutes

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Today’s tip off is a super handy tool for freelancers and consultants of all kinds, a free invoice template from the folks at Paydirt.

Most full time consultants pay for a full online invoicing software solution, but if you’re just freelancing on the side (or just starting out), then this cost may not be within your budget. If that sounds like you, this free invoice creator could be the tool for you.

Using the Free Invoice Template

It’s super easy to use. Just fill out the invoice template with your details (business name, your name, address) and your clients details, and add to the description what the invoice is for.

Then, add the items you’re billing in the line items section below. You can adjust the price and quantity for each line item. If you’re charging for hours worked, add your hourly rate as the price and the number of hours worked in the quantity field.


You can add up to two taxes, which can be applied to each line item optionally. The invoice’s subtotal, taxes and total are all calculated automatically as you go.

No hablan Inglés? No hay problema! Just select from the available languages on the right side of the page to use an invoice template in a different language.

When you’re all done, you can print your invoice, or download your invoice as a PDF in a click. No account required, and totally free to use as much as you like!

Of course, if you’d like to start using the full invoicing software, you can create and account to save your invoice, send it to your client, or add a PayPal payment button.

And here’s the finished product – a sleek, simple and professional invoice. (Download the sample PDF here super-web_invoice_001.pdf)


We hope you love it. Got any ideas or feedback? Just leave them in the comments below!

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