How to free yourself of code using Webydo, and save big time using this coupon

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Like it or not, you can be a professional web designer without writing one single line of code. I bet you saw this coming it’s a load off, especially if you don’t have enough time. There are tons of platforms that are considered a proper website creator. However, each one is made differently, and one in particular was made for professional web and graphic designers. Mind you though, I’m not talking about ‘toys’ for practice or entertainment, I’m talking about professional online software that can help designers out there create, edit and manage websites without writing code.

Take Webydo, for instance. You can start designing from scratch with a blank canvas (or one of the design inspirations which are 100% editable) and quickly bring any web design to life.

How does it work?

Webydo offers professional graphic design tools familiar to you from softwares such as Adobe Photoshop and Indesign. The difference is that you design in browser. Yes, you can officially skip the irksome task of installing anything on your computer. Plus you can see your web design in action, in no time.

OK, not only is there no need to write code, you can easily insert texts, images, videos, flash, menus, HTML widgets, social widgets, galleries, E-commerce, animation that are always ready to inserted. Once you press Publish, your site goes live online immediately, including a built in CMS and SEO management tools.

Webydo makes it easy when it comes to sharing the site with your client. You only need to provide the client with a link to Webydo’s friendly CMS. In the CMS the client can make content changes (to the elements of your choosing) independently. You can even lock specific design elements, preventing any unwanted changes and, thus, preserving your full artistic control.

There’s no limit

Literally. If you’re using Webydo you can design, manage and host as many websites as you like, all free of charge. And when your client’s site is ready to be published on domain, you or your client can purchase a premium plan. There are also many other advanced cool features, like the ability to bill your client from your dashboard.

Get involved

If you’re picky about which features you want in this professional  website builder, but deeply committed to the furtherance of design, bursting with ideas and comments, you can always suggestnew features, report bugs and so on on Webydo’s Participate Page where you’ll be in direct communication with Webydo’s product team.

Last, but not least, this software oozes quality because it’s made by designers, for designers.

So if you’re ready to start designing with Webydo, then how about an incentive too? Now you can save 72% with this coupon code for Inspired Mag readers. After you finish designing your site on Webydo, in the Dashboard, hit update my plan, enter the coupon code, and start saving BIG time: InspiredMagVIP28

[This was a sponsored review for Webydo]

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