Flyers – or how to teach them to fly better

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Think of a flyer as something “that flies or moves very fast”. It should be small, or decently sized, but with power to carry enough information to stir the interest, capture the imagination, land in pockets, under a #, or get stuck with a magnet to the fridge. For further reference, of course.

Now, all this might seems quite obvious if you’re an experienced art director or copywriter spending days in tediously protracted brainstorming sessions. But if you’re just an entrepreneur in a hurry, who wants to advertise a products or event and needs to order some flyers yesterday, the following text should come in handy.
The fact is that your advice and ideas are essential even you plan to ask somebody else to produce them flyers.

Don’t underestimate the power of images, but there’s an image saturated world out there, that’s when you realize keywords can work miracles too. Sometimes it really is that simple. They catch the eye and can speak volumes given the right font, size and place.
And there’s another element that catches the eye: colour. Do search for a university study that tells you how people react to various colors. There are dozens out there. You should know your target audience, so wrap that message in a nice color that suits them. Pinky glitter if required.

Once you solved this problem, you can dare to creatively dabble in more areas such as texture, size and the rest. But trust me: colour & keywords.

Don’t get me started on the obvious: don’t forget to add contact information. You can be creative with this aspect too. Don’t just throw some address at people, add some social media links, for instance. Make sure they are easy to remember, no puzzling URLs that don’t know when to stop. Give readers a clue about where to go and get more info about those goodies. Play a bit. You know, stir them.

I’m afraid it’s true, inspiration is like… love. All around you. Sometimes even a short visit at that pile of flyers in the corner of your favorite café can be just as inspiring as the doodled on napkin left on the table by an overactive peckish maestro.

Think twice about bullet points. They can trigger painful memories such as shopping lists or work reports. But remember testimonials, because they are like tiny 5 star reviews from happy customers. If you have them, show them, but extract the essence, even if they are 2 pages of amazing writing. Carry an extra message, and use recycled paper or sustainably sourced paper. It won’t make the message less valuable, it will enhance it with some principles that draw faithful followers.

And last, but not least, find a place where you can dump all your ideas so that they can be turned into amazing tiny, yet sturdy things that fly fast and high. I’m talking about professional flyer designers such as Flyerzone for example (get a discount for Flyerzone here).

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