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If you’re like many WordPress users, you know the agony of looking through hundreds or even thousands of WordPress themes trying to find the one that is perfect for your new site. With over 1000 WordPress authors with themes spread out over nearly 400 sites, the process of looking through them all is really not practical… Or at least, it hasn’t been until now.


PressCastle, which just went into Beta on January 1st, has gathered over 13,000 themes onto one website. Searching through them is easy. Just punch in your keyword(s) and go, or, if you’d rather browse by category, you can do that too.

Let’s examine how we can use this site to find the ever elusive “perfect theme.”


Everyone knows how to type keywords into a search box, so we’ll take the road less traveled and browse by category. To get started, just click the “Themes” tab in the navigation at the top of the page. As you can see we’re greeted by a lovely display of themes and a plethora of theme categories in nice, neat drop-downs.


Since my dad’s in the photo biz, let’s try to find him a photography theme for him to display his photos and sell his training materials shall we? Looks like there is a Photography Themes category underneath the Portfolio / Showcase category. So we’ll start there.

Once you choose a category, some collapsible filter options show up in the menu on the left: Compatibility, Layout, and Purchase Options. To start with, let’s narrow this down to themes that work with WooCommerce since I’m already familiar with its shop functionality which will make it easy for me to set up products. Next, I want the theme to have a Responsive layout so every user has a great experience irregardless of their device. I’m not really worried about what type of purchase option there is, but I might as well start with the cheapest ones first right? I can order them low to high with the drop down box at the bottom.

So when the search is done, it looks like the image below. Essentially, I’ve just cut out several hours of searching down to a few seconds. Now all I have to do is click through these 61 themes which I already know meet my criteria. I can go through those in a matter of minutes, and it looks like a few of them are even on sale!


As I click through each theme, I can see that each one has a link to the theme’s original site as well as a direct link to the theme demo. The information about the theme is right there on the page along with important other information such as theme colors and built in popular features.

On the outside chance that you find some of the information incorrect, you can quickly click the “Report Issue” tab to report the issue, so the guys at PressCastle can get it fixed for the next person. And, if you end up buying and using the theme, you can come back and write a review which will help those after you make an a more informed decision.

All in all, this site is a terrific tool and is by far the most comprehensive database of themes on the web. It makes finding the perfect theme a million times easier, so I recommend that you check it out and bookmark it so you can. It’s the only tool that gives you the opportunity to truly find the perfect theme.

Press Castle – Every WordPress Theme in One Place

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