Facebook: The path to World Domination in 30 infographics

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On February 4th, Facebook will celebrate its 8th anniversary, and we can already consider it a major force in our modern day lifestyle. As many would say, Facebook IS the Internet. I can’t completely agree with that, but, nevertheless, the truth is that over 800 million people use Facebook, and that’s pretty much enough to awe anyone.

The next logical step is the IPO, with all the experts predicting it to be perhaps the biggest EVER. So, with all that, what’s left to say about Facebook?

You’re right, not much. Let’s just have a look at some of the hundreds of infographics made about the social network – actually, we have over 700 (!) on Visual Loop -, its features, and its impact in many different dimensions of our society.

First, a little bit of history:

Facebook 2011 Yearbook
| Via

A Brief History of Facebook | Via

Facts about Mark Zuckerberg | Via

The Making of Mark Zuckerberg – A Timeline | Via

The Evolution of Facebook Features | Via

Facebook attacks in 2011 | Via

The Rise Of Facebook’s Valuation From 2004-2011 | Via

Cyber Criminals Target Facebook | Via

From Founding To IPO, Facebook’s Success Story | Via

The Road to a Facebook IPO | Via

The History of Advertising on Facebook | Via

And some interesting factoides and numbers:

If You Printed Facebook | Via

A World Without Facebook | Via

What If Facebook Was a City? | Via

The value of Facebook | Via

Facebook Profile Photos By The Numbers | Via

Why Do People Unfriend Each Other on Facebook? | Via

Facebook Statuses | Via

Does Facebook Hurt Relationships? | Via

The Last of the Facebook Myths| Via

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Social Games Popularity on Facebook and Google | Via

How To Define Shared Media On Facebook | Via

A Graphic Guide to Facebook Portraits | Via

It’s not hard to predict that we’ll be seeing a lot more infographics about Facebook. Is there any other that you find especially interesting to add to this list? Just share it in the comments below.

Tiago Veloso is the founder of Visual Loop, a collaborative digital environment for everything related to information design and data visualization. He lives in Brazil, and you can connect with him online on Twitter and LinkedIn.