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New Freebie Friday here at Inspired Mag and this time we’re offering the latest release of the legendary Eye Candy filters for Photoshop from Alien Skin. The Photoshop ninjas in the room sure know what I’m talking about! Check out the winners of last week’s edition here.

Alien Skin Software

Alien Skin Software has been producing cool graphics software since 1993. In the early days they made the first drop shadow filter for Photoshop. Since then, they have released a steady stream of highly regarded tools for photographers and graphic designers. We distill advanced math and cutting edge research into simple tools that render beautiful pictures. Their reputation for bug-free software and fast, friendly tech support has created an ever growing band of loyal customers.

Eye Candy 6

Eye Candy 6 is a set of 30 Photoshop filters that elegantly handle a wide range of design tasks, from slick Web interfaces to tasteful logos to spectacular titles. Realistic simulation of natural phenomena gives beautifully detailed results. Eye Candy’s simple interface makes it easy, saving you loads of time in Photoshop. Effects now adapt to your current image size, making for less slider adjusting. Over 1500 carefully designed presets are organized into categories for quick browsing.

The Giveaway

Alien Skin Software is giving away a copy of Eye Candy 6. To participate, post a comment here containing your favorite Alien Skin employee and their social position in high school. Yes, that info is easy to find. Just run Eye Candy 6 (trial mode is fine), bring up the About Box, and you will see the answers. You can get Eye Candy 6 here and try it free for 30 days.

Then tweet this: Win Eye Candy 6 – the coolest set of #Photoshop filters from Alien Skin & @InspiredMag RT to enter!

And the winner is – Robert Gagesmith – Congrats mate, you’ll be conatcted by the Alien Skin ppl :)

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  • Jeff Butterworth-Custodian

    Played around and this seems like a kick ass set of filters.

  • Nina Doromal


  • Nina Doromal


  • Craig Paterson

    My favourite Alien Skin employee – Bill Boroski
    Social position at school – Designated Driver

    My tweet –

    Just downloaded the trial of Eye Candy 6 and the effects are amazing.

  • Tom Welsh = Glee Club Sergeant at Arms

    hilarity love eye candy!!

  • Thor-Dale Elsson

    Favourite Alien Skin employe: Glee Club Sergeant at Arms – Tom Welsh

  • thanks for the give away :D lie to win this huge giveaway :D

  • Jess

    Punk Rocker – Finley Lee

    Good luck to all! Thx to Alien Skin and Inspired Magazine for this giveaway! :D

  • Steve Saragian

    Jeff Butterworth-Custodian

  • Looks Awesome!!!

  • Favorite -Bill Boroski – Designated Driver :) lol, leafed my face off, cool profile.
    My tweet at

  • ..and here I’m submit everything for winning lottery and after taking down firewall and unblocking whole Microsoft i thing I succeed to get to submitting for account. Now count me in.

    Favorite -Bill Boroski – Designated Driver Username: vladacmba

  • Awesome post! I see you’ve re-designed the site recently, I haven’t checked back in a while so this is some interesting news to me. Design looks awesome, keep it up!

  • Robert Gagesmith

    Good Old ‘Bill Boroski the designated driver’ – I’m sure he rides in the backseat these days…

  • Carlos

    Harhar! I got a real kick out of how to enter this giveaway and for that, my favorite Alien Skin employee is the one who is Most Likely to Succeed, Jim White! I hope he’s very successful in life now just to lend credibility to whoever did that prediction :D

    Btw, I’ve also tweeted about this:

  • Amy

    It’s all about Four Eyes – Terence Tay! I tweeted it too:! Thanks for running the giveaway!

  • Always been a sucker for the Prom Queens…

    my fave has to be
    PROM QUEEN – Mary Gukelberger