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Email design will be extremely important in 2014, since email marketing is on the top of every marketer’s priority list. To be noticed in someone’s inbox is becoming more competitive than ever. Cubicle Ninjas presents us with the ultimate guide to email design trends for 2014. Take a look at what the ninjas think is hot (and what’s not!) in email design.

What’s Hot


Recipients will appreciate an email with a simple layout that’s easy to navigate, and is straight to the point.

email design trends

email design inspiration

Animated GIFs

Just like in web design, animated GIFs are making a comeback, and now they’re appearing in emails. Animated GIFs in emails catch the attention of the recipient and can even highlight an important call-to-action.

email design trends


email design trends 2014


The latest research shows that 51% of emails are opened on mobile devices. Responsive isn’t just a trend for emails – it’s a necessity.

email design trends 2014

What’s Not


Using ribbons in an email design is starting to become repetitive. If you want an email’s design to stand out, it’s best to ditch the ribbons.

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People are swamped with emails in their inbox everyday. A cluttered email will lower the chances of high click-through rates because it becomes harder to navigate.

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The Next Fad

Flat UI

Flat UI is a streamline interface that became popular with web design, and is now becoming a trend in designing emails.

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To view more email design inspiration, please visit the full version on the Cubicle Ninjas’ blog.

What are some email design trends you believe will be big in 2014? Be sure to share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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