Election 2012 and Social Media in 20 infographics

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The American people has spoken. Barack Obama was re-elected and will remain as the President of the United States for the next four years. Similar to what occured back in 2008, Social Media was a key component of the political campaign, for both sides. And if we think about what changed in the past four years, in terms of social web, it’s easy to figure out why this was one of the top election-related subjects that inspired the creation of infographics.

We picked a few to show how important was Social Media in the 2012 election, but you want to check other infographics about the presidential race, we have over 200 on our Pinterest Board – that might be a good start :)

How Social Will Win the Election Ad Wars | Via


2012 Presidential Election and Social Media | Via

The Social Media Election | Via

The Digital Election | Via

Social Media Election 2012: Obama vs. Romney | Via

Digital Duel 2012: Obama vs. Romney | Via

Social Media Showdown: Obama vs Romney | Via

Tweeting the Race | Via

The Spooky Truth of Obama vs. Romney Online | Via

Did Spammers Steal the Campaign? | Via

Social Media Meets the Candidate: Is it Really a Match Made in Heaven? | Via

Facebook Inspires Young Voters to Take Action | Via

Political Fundraising in the Social Media Era | Via

Is The Race For the White House Being Fought on Wikipedia? | Via

US Election Predictions According to Social Media | Via

Predicting the 2012 President With Social Media | Via

Obama vs. Romney Using Google Trends | Via

Political Engagement Map [Interactive] | Via

The Election and Mobile: Dialing For Democratic Dollars | Via

Obama vs Romney Mobile | Via

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