How an ecommerce gallery can boost sales

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Everyone knows the phrase ‘A picture’s worth a thousand words’. It is also no hidden truth that many companies spend a fair amount of time to peak people’s interest and increase the amount of traffic they get to their website.

How to Utilize Images

The British website Web Credible offers great advice and eight ways to properly utilize photos on an eCommerce site. The eight items to keep in mind when providing images for your ecommerce site are:

  • Use high quality/professional images
  • Have multiple views of an item
  • Have them enlargeable
  • Make sure they download quickly
  • Ensure the pictures are proportional
  • Ensure the pictures have scale and context
  • Show everything that is included with the product
  • Make the pictures relevant

An ecommerce website is all about making sure that the user can intuitively maneuver the website and can absorb as much information as quickly as possible. Creating an ecommerce gallery is the best way to ensure that the customer can obtain a lot of information about the product, and know they like what they see.

Why are Images Useful?

There are a lot of reasons why a good gallery can boost the sales of any ecommerce site. These tips are especially useful for companies that are struggling and cannot figure out how to improve the sales of their products. A professional, and easy way to use a gallery can effectively double the amount of sales that any given eCommerce site can produce, according Webcredible.

There are a number of reasons for this. The primary one is that a great gallery gives the potential customer the right feel for how the product looks, works, and offers comfort in the quality of a product. If a company cannot be bothered to provide decent pictures of their product, then it might leave the impression that the products are not good enough to spend time showcasing. It would be much like walking into a jewelry store and having the product not properly laid out in the showcases. A gallery to show off the products that a business provides should showcase the product in a way that instills a sense of pride in workmanship for the product.

The more interest a company can peak through pictures, the more likely the pictures and name of the company will get passed around. Consumers appreciate a company that takes the time to display their products in a professional manner. For companies who have an eCommerce site, a high quality display is the way to make sure that people feel comfortable with the professionalism of a company.

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