Ecommerce: Customers Behaving Like Angry Birds? Turn them Into Lifelong Buyers

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Ever imagined your customers like Angry Birds? Well, in all likeliness, a couple of them might just have dropped a complaint in your mailbox. Check that! They’ll all be talking and blabbing about you everywhere, and possibly doing everything to destroy your image in front of your native audience, unless you are willing to do something about it.

Well, if you ever run a business, you would know that not everything you do or perhaps did, would please all your customers. Some will unbelievably be pleased, while others would sound like the displeased lot. Though, it’s quite natural for a business to come across such customers that behave like Angry Birds, still there’s something you could do to get things right.

Yes, indeed there’a lot of things you could do to pacify the anger and rather convert them into buying from you again and for lifelong. You would definitely not get this done by ignoring complains, blocking your ear or keeping the flaw or feedback to yourself. You got to speak-up, acknowledge your customers, listen to them, appreciate their feedback, and workaround possible ways to turn the tide.

Enough of preachings. Now, let’s get to the basics. Your furious customers seek your response. Let’s know the right way to do it –

Talk it out

Be present wherever your customer is. Acknowledge the query of the customer. Be prompt when responding to a query. Be open and available on all powerful social media sites. People curse you less when you’re more open. Show them you are actually happy to recieve their feedback. Show that you are receptive to such blunt responses and would take every possible step to work-around the issue.

Choose the right networks

Where do your customers hang out often? Make sure you opt for the right social networks to meet your clients where they often offer feedback. You could always consider being present on Twitter and Facebook, however, at the same time do give review sites a thought. Your customers might be looking for you over there. Bump into them, purposely to give them the resolution.

Listen more and apologise

You must apologise for something your customer didn’t like. Apolgize even if it wasn’t a mistake at your end. Don’t sound sarcastic while in the act. In just a few minutes, the customer might go from irate to smiling. Apologizing isn’t going to let you down in any way. Rather, it will help you enagage and build a rapport with your customer. The next step, obviously is to resolve customer’s complaints.

Remember, the conversation is never out of hands unless you’re not willing to control it. If played with it right, you’ll be the brand, customers will crave for.

Amaze them with your services

Get into the feel of a brand and speak up with your services. Keep your customers always on the top of your priority list. Doing this, you’re less likely to provoke customer’s anger first off. If quality services is your culture, your customer will try to be more calm and composed.

Keep that one thing in mind; once you start discovering and addressing your irated customers, that’d be the single opportunity to turn them into lifelong delighted customers. The delight can be expressed and witnessed by many on social networks helping your brand to empower even more.

This may further move zillions of others potential customers that are deprived and predisposed about your services, willing to be at your fence.

Compliment your customer – Complimenting your customer with something like this – ‘we are honored to have such customers that step-forward to help our business’ would encourage them to be candid and express their grievances. They may furher whole-heartedly participate in discussions, participations, events, contests, and referrals. Wonder how beneficial could this be for your business.

Final Words

Greet your customers the next time they call, and ask how they are doing now and try to get more information about the previous conversation. Ask if they were satisfied with the previous response and if they would need further help. Let them know that you are always available and on your toes to make them happy.

Author Bio: Mark Wilston is a Content Writer and marketing professional working with pixelcrayons (a reputed Web & Mobile Application development company). He loves to read and write different blogs related to web design and technologies. Contributing in a blog post aids him spreading the words online with a new set of people.

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  • Cool article, thanks Catalin – or Mark. Whoever wrote the piece! The funny thing is I’ve never been able to get into Angry Birds. I’ve tried playing it a great deal but have been left with an unaddicted sense of frustration. Cut The Rope, however, and World of Goo really grabbed me. Here I am ranting about games instead of e-commerce. Well, variation is key! Have plenty to offer and then customers won’t just clear off. Cut The Rope. Indeed.