The easy solution for managing your business paperwork

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Are you tired of managing your business paperwork? I always thought every aspect of running my business would be a dream come true, if it wasn’t for having to do ‘the books’. Every week, I’d manually record transactions, send clients invoices I made in Word and stuff expense receipts in a shoebox.

Luckily, a few years ago I stumbled upon FreshBooks, an online accounting service that helps you track your time and bill your clients quickly. With a user friendly platform, I got started in no-time, and I even use it via phone and tablet so I can work anywhere.


You start by creating an account, and with it you receive your own virtual portal on their site.  The invoice tab allows you to issue invoices to clients in seconds (just enter their info, your services and hit send!). The process is pretty straightforward and it includes the option to get paid online with services like Paypal and Stripe. The invoice can be sent via e-mail or old school snail mail. Should you choose that option, they cover the mailing process completely and you just pay for the stamp. You can even opt in to use your own logo on your FreshBooks invoices and estimates which boosts your professionalism. This way you are always one step ahead of companies that are billing customers using PayPal money requests or through Word PDF’s.


Everything is completely in the cloud with FreshBooks so you don’t have to download the software to get going. If you are not in the proximity of your iMac, PC or laptop, you can access the platform by installing the app of your choice. What’s great about the mobile apps is you can scan physical receipts with the phone camera and have it added as an expense in your FreshBooks account immediately.

It’s also compatible with a lot of add-ons, some of which are Wufoo, Mailchimp, Stripe, Zen Payroll, Capsule and Paypal.


If you have 3 clients or less, FreshBooks is free to use. For 4 to 25 clients they charge $19.95 per month, and $29.95 for unlimited clients. The highest package is $39.95 per month and it includes project managing, timesheets and team expense reporting. They also offer a free unlimited 30 day trial upon account creation. My favorite feature so far is being able to automatically charge fees for late payments. FreshBooks is very intuitive and easy to use, but their kickass Customer Support is available if you need any help.


We usually recommend FreshBooks for anyone who wants to save time billing and get paid faster. Put paperwork behind you with an awesome cloud accounting solution that’s easy to use, inexpensive and helps you keep a professional look. FreshBooks is well received by the freelancing and web design communities, so try it for free when you get a chance.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.