E-Junkie or Selz – how should freelancers sell digital products?

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Like many freelancers, I dedicate some of my free time to work on creating my own digital products like eBooks and training courses. Having a separate and consistent income stream from your own products can really free up your mind and reduce your dependency on client work.

Recently, Catalin did a detailed post on how Shopify can be used for digital selling. If you haven’t read that post, I’d certainly recommend you to check it out. Apart from Shopify, I have mostly used E-Junkie for selling eBooks and other forms of digital products. It is one of the most reliable services when it comes to online selling. However, I recently tried Selz, a new digital selling service, on a friend’s recommendation. What I have seen so far, has really impressed me. While it does have its weak areas, I believe Selz is definitely worth a look.

In this post, I’ll compare the main features, checkout experience, payment options and other aspects of E-Junkie and Selz to help you choose the better service that fits your needs.




E-Junkie has been around since 2006 and is one of the leading services used by freelancers and online marketers to sell digital and tangible products. It offers many powerful features required for online selling.

To start selling, you need to sign up for a free account by entering some basic information about your business and products. Once you’ve signed up, you can add Buy Now or Add Cart buttons to your website by copy-pasting a readymade html code.

When buyers make purchases from your website using the Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons, they’re redirected to the checkout page on E-Junkie where they can enter the payment details to complete their purchase.



Selz is relatively new on the block but has been getting a lot of attention because of its clean, modern outlook and wide range of features.

With Selz, you can either create your own online store or integrate its product widgets on your website or blog. It also has a powerful WordPress plugin that can be used to embed products directly in your website.

The free sign up process is quite simple and doesn’t take more than a minute to complete. Once you’re in the member dashboard, you need to add your payment and product details to start selling.

Checkout Experience and Payment Options


With E-Junkie, when a buyer makes a purchase on your website, he’s redirected to the checkout page hosted on E-Junkie.com. Checkout redirections usually cause a certain percentage of customers to go away because of delays in page load times or possible problems with the payment host website. So you should keep an eye on that.

Despite being one of the oldest digital selling services, E-Junkie looks a bit outdated in terms of design and customer experience, which is often a major turn off for many potential customers.

You can accept buyer payments from PayPal, 2 Checkout, ClickBank, TrialPay and Authorize.net. However, to accept credit card payments, you’ll need to use PayPal Payments Advanced.


The checkout process on Selz is quite different from E-Junkie in many ways. Every product widget has a Buy Now button with it. Buyers are not redirected to any other website and the whole payment process is completed on the same page.

Selz accepts Visa and MasterCard credit cards and if you want to offer customers the choice of paying with PayPal you can use their paid app.

Buyers only need to add their credit card number and email address to complete the purchase. As compared to E-Junkie, which asks for more detailed billing information, Selz checkout process completes much more quickly.

Admin Area and Product Addition


As I said earlier, E-Junkie has an old look to its website and admin area which sometimes makes it difficult for new users to immediately locate the options they’re looking for. But once you get used to it, it’s not that difficult to manage your products and other related options.

ejunkie admin
To add new products, you need to select the Add Product option from the main dashboard. You can enter a product name, pricing details, currency and several other options for each product. You also have the option to design a separate email to be sent to the buyers when they purchase a product.

addproducts ejunkie


Selz has a much more modern and user friendly interface throughout its website. The admin area has clearly defined options with little complexity.

selz website1

To add new products, you can select Physical Item, Digital Item or a Service based on the nature of your offering. Selz product widgets are beautifully built with multimedia options. You can add video previews and high quality images with your products. To add a product, you simply need to add the product name, description and pricing details.

selz website2

WordPress Integration


E-Junkie doesn’t have an official WordPress plugin. However, there are several plugins that can be used to embed E-Junkie products into your WordPress website. You can also simply copy-paste html codes to display Buy Now or Add to Cart buttons on your website.


Selz has a powerful official WordPress plugin that can be used to add products on your WordPress website. There’s no need for copying any code. The plugin is connected with your main Selz account and any changes made to your products on Selz website will reflect directly on your website.

selz widget

When you create a product on Selz website, you’ll get a unique product link that you’ll need to add to your Selz WordPress plugin in order to display the product on your website. You can change some other options related to the appearance of your product using this plugin.

This is how your products would appear on the website.


Analytics and Mailing List Integration


You can integrate your E-Junkie account with Google Analytics to receive detailed stats on your products and buyers. However, there are no built-in analytics available. Similarly, you can integrate auto-responder services like AWeber and Mailchimp with your E-Junkie account to directly subscribe buyers to your mailing list. To learn more about email integration, click here.


Selz also supports Google Analytics integration but also has its own built-in analytics that will give you detailed stats on product sales and buyers.


Selz also allows AWeber and Mailchimp integration and subscribes your buyers directly to your mailing list when they make a purchase.

selz website 3



E-Junkie has a fixed monthly pricing model that is based on the number of products that you’re selling. It does not take anything from your sales amount. At the most basic level, you can get sell 10 products and 50MB of storage for $5 per month. But you would be charged separately for the payment processing fees on every sale.


Selz works on an entirely different pricing model. There are no fixed costs and product slabs. You can sell as many products as you want and consume as much storage as needed. You will only be charged when you make a sale. Selz charges 5% of the sales amount + 25 cents on every sale you make. This includes all the payment processing fees as well. So that is the only expense you’ll need to make.


Both E-Junkie and Selz are packed with powerful features for selling digital downloads. If affiliates are important to you, then E-Junkie is a good choice as it supports affiliates for merchants. E-Junkie also has the edge if you ship a lot of combined physical products together with complicated shipping charges. However, I personally prefer Selz for digital products because of its modern user interface, excellent customer buying experience and an uncomplicated checkout process. The WordPress integration and generally modern presentation of my products with Selz is also a big plus.

Jawad Khan is a certified inbound marketer, a freelance blogger and a content marketing consultant. Connect with him on his blog, Writing My Destiny, and Google+