Download free vector icons directly from Photoshop

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Team Freepik just launched their latest new project, Flaticon, aiming to become the world’s biggest vector icon database with more than 10,000 high quality vector icons for the moment. An ambitious project with 100% free files, even for commercial use. I think the coolest bit is the Flaticon Photoshop plugin, which allows users to access the Flaticon database without even leaving their work environment.

The Photoshop Plugin

Once installed, the Flaticon plugin improves the workflow of any Photoshop user by providing the opportunity to import any icon from the huge database right there, in Photoshop, only by calling an icon by its name. Then they can further customize and adapt the icons according to their needs. So you actually cut the middleman. Adobe Illustrator, that is.



There are quite a few websites out there offering free icons, so what makes Flaticon different? Besides the Photoshop plugin, another interesting fact is that this library aims to become the world biggest vector icon database, offering more than 10,000 files at the moment but growing on a daily basis. More than 5,000 icons were created by Freepik’s design team and cover a large array of styles, the rest being aggregated from external Creative Commons sources.

Flaticon gives users the opportunity to download the icons for free directly from the website in PNG, SVG and Webfont formats. The latter option is really cool as anyone can build a webfont icon and use it both for web development or mobile app development projects.

Freepik is one of the leading graphic resources search engines with more than 8,5 million visits per month, 1,4 million files available and more than 100 million downloads to date.

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