Don’t Get Socialmired. How to regulate The Fire Hose

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This is a guest post by Tom Brauch – President of an IT services company, speaker, blogger, branding consultant and social media geek. Tom loves the “design of things” and creating authentic customer experiences. Check his brain dump out at Marketing T-Shirt.

Getting too many insights on Bundt cake recipes? Too many friends still using Twitter for their daily diary? You may be caught in the social mire.

Socialmire is about frequency and content.

Here’s what I believe is the magic formula for anyone wanting to be a respectable twitt, blogger and marketer:


  • 3 – 5 tweets/day
  • 3 – 5 blogs/week
  • 1 email newsletter/month. (There should be a couple of unique, juicy nuggets in here versus a summary of your blogs posts.)


  1. Be relative to what you do and what I want to read about
  2. Be personal. A person should write it, just as they talk. Be you.
  3. Share knowledge.

Social Media Influx

How do you prevent socialmired syndrome?

Reactive – If you’re already following a friendly spammer, then unfollow.

  • Yes. Your time is valuable. Just unfollow them. I know it’s hard, but Aunt Tudy will get over it.
  • Test and see. Then as needed, unsubscribe from tweets, email, blogs, rss feeds, etc…

Proactive – Measure the increase in the potential socialmire prior to following someone:

For twitter, this is easy: Just check their profile. If they are spamming every 10 minutes, then run like Seabiscuit. Before you follow:

  • See how often they tweet
  • See who their followers are

I always look to see who they’re following. You may find another great resource and it will give you a great idea of their “world.” Is it a world you want to be a part of?

Good examples of folks who know how to tweet, blog and send quality newsletters:
@theloudfew, @DesignerDepot, @copyblogger

I follow these cats because they share knowledge fearlessly. They truly understand how to sell their services — by not selling. From their content, blogs, tweets, vlogs, etc.. I get a fountain of knowledge and insight. It makes me want to hire them or work for them. Who’s helping you to build your own wealth of useful, relative, knowledge? Maybe it’s time to clean house a bit.

Tom Brauch (@tom_brauch) is secretly a digital strategist, Ron Burgundy fan and social media geek while posing as the President of a Microsoft services company.

My advice: Drink deeply from good books. Serve. Try your best. Make friendship a fine art. Don't hold onto things. Laugh at the world. Persist until you succeed. Act now.
  • I agree Tom, we shouldn’t be afraid to minimize the number of followers we have if all their doing is clogging up our streams of information. The space you save today might open up an opportunity for a winning collaboration down the road.

  • Well written. You don’t usually see a brief yet precise article nowadays. There are a lot of people who tweet/update status every 10 minutes, and a common pitfall is that people actually spend time reading everything. As suggested, it is better to unsubscribe because time is indeed very valuable.


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    I thought this was great, love the way you broke it down…

  • Thank you Rob, Dainis and David! Our time is valuable. We’ve got to make the best use of it and the technology around us.

  • Hi Tom! yes totally agree, must be to learn (lovely)

    thanks for your post.

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