Divi 2.0 WordPress theme review

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divi 20 review

Everyone was excited when Divi 1.0 hit the market last year, but now we can celebrate again with the launch of Divi 2.0! Having a WordPress site had never been easier with 1.0, but guess what? It actually just got even easier thanks to Elegant Themes.

Divi 2.0 – Features

With 18 pre-made layouts it comes shipped with and allows the ultimate in customisation, you can create your layout your way, giving ultra flexibility! divilay

Divi 2.0 –  Modules

The building blocks of Divi ‘modules’ just had an extra 13 added to them to make a grand total of 33 robust modules. This definitely allows for you to create an even more unique stand out from the crowd site and it becomes a lot more personal and tailored to you! divimod They have completely renovated the look and feel of Divi forever. There is now an option to change whether you want to go vertical or horizontal with your site – the ultimate choice in what we all want to be able to do when it comes to creating our own sites.

Divi 2.0 – Pages

A lot of themes out there don’t have the option to make a fully blank page – removing all the elements such as the header, footer or even sections of the body, but 2.0 does meaning now if you want a blank page to introduce a little about what your site is or even just a display page to show when your site is having work done, now you can! diviblank

Divi 2.0 – WooCommerce

Divi is still supporting that all brilliant eCommerce plug-in, WooCommerce meaning that you can have 2.0 pre-made layouts made for you so you can focus on getting your online business out there quicker than ever. Whilst we’re on the topic you can also include your work that you have produced to show the world using their up to date portfolio module – 2.0 has brought added flexibility letting you have more say in how you show off your work! diviecom There are even extra added link types that have never been available in Divi yet – sharing has just gotten a whole lot easier and lot more professional! Divi 2.0 is the most responsive theme yet, no matter if you develop it with computer, tablet or Smartphone in mind, you will get the same look and feel and every element will be just as interactive as the last, there is no loss of functionality or any change in how it looks.

Divi 2.0 – Divi Builder

Creating the design and overall image of how you want your site to look is as easy as a click of a button now, well  a click of a button and a drag  with the all new drag and drop feature. Simply drag and drop elements where you want them not where you can place them within a certain limited area. You want a column or a row off to the left? Done. How about a module in the centre of the page with one directly underneath as well? Yep that can be done too! The builder is what makes Divi well, Divi, this means no messing around with code and endless hours wasted trying to code items to work a certain way, let Divi do the work for you. divibuild

Sites built using Divi 2.0

Here are a couple of site examples that have used Divi. You can clearly tell that the theme was used purely from that unique look and feel it gives. They all look very professional in their own manner. Michael P Hill has used Divi to build a business site,look at how inviting it looks, it conveys the key features of what the business does yet it’s still simplistic and everything slots together in perfect harmony removing the need for a cluttered styled site. Divi’s building blocks have obviously come into play here. divmcp One feature that stands out straight away on the Conversion Lab site, also built using Divi, is the navigation bar – it’s been tipped horizontally, which in case you have not yet seen is one of the newer features that sets Divi apart from a lot of other themes out there. Due to navigation bar on the main page you can tell that it’s a slider type block. These are ultimate space savers and in this case – very informative and to the point. divilab


Everything in Divi 2.0 has clearly been designed with ease of functionality and the user experience in mind. It looks elegant and stylish with a smooth professional finish every time, giving countless possibilities! Once you try this theme you will never go back to anything else, you’ll wonder how you ever did without it. It has without a doubt the most flexibility around in comparison to what you will currently find on the market. You can now have all of this for the low price of $69 as well as every other theme by Elegant Themes for free, so what are you waiting for, get designing 2.0 style!

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