Divi 2.7 – Introducing split testing, portability and a new set of page options

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As you have probably noticed, we are really big fans of Divi, the amazing WordPress theme from the guys at Elegant Themes. Ever since they first released the theme, it has just gotten better and better, and with the release of Divi 2.7 the theme just got even better. Divi 2.7 will focus on 3 major areas: Split Testing, Portability and a new set of Page Options. Read on to see just what this means.

The Divi Leads Split Testing System

If you have been using the Divi builder, then you will notice that it is pretty great for building landing pages. In Divi 2.7 the guys at Elegant Themes are making even better and easier by introducing a fully-functional split testing system that will make it easy to gain valuable insights from your visitors, test the effectiveness of different content variations and ultimately create higher-performing and better-engaging pages.

The good thing is that Divi Leads will work as a fluid extension of the Divi Builder, and this will make it it simple to test different modules, rows or sections to see how each variation affects the conversion rate of your designated goal.


Enhanced Portability

Divi 2.7 brings with it some major improvements to the portability of Divi and the Divi Builder. It is now easier than ever to share and transfer Divi configurations and Divi Builder layouts. If you are already a fan of the layout library, then chances are you will love this new addition. It makes it so much easier to customize different parts of your site.


New Divi Builder Page Settings

And finally, but certainly not last, Divi 2.7 will introduce a new set of page settings. These changes will allow you to make changes to the entire page you are working with, unlike module/row/sections settings (which affect only each individual element). This means you will be able to adjust certain design options for the entire page, instead of having to edit every single module.



If you want to learn more about this update, then check out the video below:


When we reviewed Divi 2.o we were absolutely in love with the ease of functionality.  And the great thing is that the builder just keeps getting better and better with each new release. Once you try this new update, you will never user another theme.

Remember as always you can get the Divi theme as well as all other Elegant Themes for just $69, at that price there really is no excuse for not getting the Divi theme.

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