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One of the best ways to wet your creativity is by browsing another talented artist’s handiwork. Digital art is one of those artistic areas in which many can gather inspiration and certainly everyone can at least appreciate. The amount of details that go into a completed digital artwork reveal the vast amount of time it takes an artist to complete a single composition. The best of the best seem to almost know intuitively what it takes to bring an illustration to life, making the completion of a digital image look both easy and hard at the same time.

Below are 5 of some amazingly talented digital artists from around the world who know how create a masterpiece digitally. Browse through the images, visit each artist’s website for more information, and use your new-found inspiration to create some beautiful art of your own.

Marcin Jakubowski

A concept artist and illustrator, Marcin Jakubowski works as a freelancer from Gdansk, Poland. He was first introduced to digital art in the early 1990’s, and has now come a long way from his beginning as a self-taught digital painter.  He attributes his skills to a desire for success and also to studying the talents of other designers online. Marcin has completed projects in several fields, including TV commercials and shows as well as CG animations. However, his passion lies in creating other worlds for both games and films. He has received a number of awards, one of which is the Grand Prix for his “Beauty and the Beast” entry for the 2D Battle event. He has also been published numerous times in noteworthy publications such as the Big Book of Contemporary Illustration by Martic Dawber in 2009 and Spectrum 17 in 2010. Many of Marcin’s illustrations have a dark, sci-fi look and feel to them, with gigantic machines, brilliant robotic battle scenes, and futuristic technology. Marcin created this image in October 2007 using Photoshop. This illustration was for a contest by CGTalk called “Steampunk: Myths and Legend” and depicts a futuristic telling of a battle of Zeus and other lower gods against the older gods, the Titans. This one is a graphic for a real time strategy trading card game called Purge, to be released in 2012; the title is Nightmare Engine. Another image from Purge, this one is titled Eva X. Marcin also has quite the impressive collection of cartoon characters: This toy dog Marcin created for a TV commercial for Platige Image. Marcin’s illustrated scenes and backgrounds are simply stunning with beautiful lighting and amazing colors and details: Marcin painted the above scene for Platige Image for the Expo 2012.

Salvador Ramirez Madriz

From Guadalajara, Mexico, Salvador Ramirez Madriz is a digital artist with a portfolio quickly growing with impressive works. With images featured on his Deviant Art page and in CGWorks, you can easily see the new level of professionalism he is reaching. Much of his illustrations are beautiful digital drawings of people of different ages, but his most stunning images are of children and young people. Salvador seems to have a talented knack for capturing the life and innocence of a child so vividly that you almost feel as if the drawing is of a real person. Madriz’s work has been featured on the cover of 3D Magazine.   His animal drawings are also quite impressive:

Jason Seiler

Jason Seiler (pronounced Syler) is an illustrator from Chicago, Illinois, who specializes in incredibly creative and expressive caricatures. Seiler has won many awards for his illustrations and worked with a number of large clients, including Rolling Stone, MAD Magazine, Business Week, The Wall Street Journal, TIME Magazine, The New York Times, and much more. From the beginning of his career, Jason was able to see the humorous side of any character drawing; in fact, his drawings of a high school history teacher got him into trouble, until his principle hired him to draw caricatures of other faculty members. His talent is clearly visible in his work; in addition to caricatures, Jason also does digital paintings and portraits. See if you can recognize the characters below, found along with many more drawings in his online portfolio:


An illustrator, concept artist, and art director, David Revoy presents an incredible portfolio on his website. He mostly works from his home in France as a freelancer, offering services such as artworks production, art direction, and even teaching and conferences. Much of Revoy’s work includes incredibly expressive characters, often done in very earthy and natural color schemes. This detailed illustration from Revoy won a CG Choice Award. Revoy has done a number of stunning illustrations for book covers and board games: His concept art and illustrations are equally fascinating and quite life-like:


Michael Oswald describes his work as “photo-manipulation on steroids,” which is probably the most accurate description anyone could use. His technique involves beginning with a photo (often a stock photograph) of a model and completely manipulating the image into an amazing work of art. Using his incredible technique for digital painting and illustration, Michael has created art for posters, billboards, book covers, and much more. His art has been featured in the cover of magazines such as Advanced Photoshop and UCE Magazine. Take a look at some of his incredible work below, and follow the links to see the original photos from which he created the manipulations. This particular manipulation titled “Under My Skin” won a CG Choice Award. Michael created this image titled “Goldrush” from a simple image a woman with her hands on her face. This one titled “Contact” was on the cover of UCE Magazine. Michael created “Valiant” for the cover of the book Hell Can Wait by Theodore Judson. This stunning photo Michael aptly named “Apple.” “Amalgamate” was featured on the cover of an Advanced Photoshop issue and is the first in a series of images he has created in this robotic style. Michael has created many posters, but the following are some of his personal favorites. See the full collection of his favorites on his Facebook page. The following are some images found in the archives section of his website:     Digital art, whether done with a model in mind or from scratch, is a very visually awakening type of art, maybe because of the intricate details involved that make the art come to life. Visit each of the above artist’s websites above to see their complete collections of incredibly inspiring work for some more visuals to stimulate your creativity.

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  • These are so beautiful. I really like the whimsical Disney-esque ones. Such a wonderful collection – thanks for sharing!

    • Tara Hornor

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! These artists are just so inspiring that I couldn’t keep them to myself. :)