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Now you don’t need to have a a web design guru in your family in order to get free professional feedback about your designs or to receive usability advice from an expert. Here comes Design Critique!

We Critique Designs

Our friends from DesignersCouch launched a sleek service for designers and bloggers – what they do at DesignCritique is to randomly give a critique on any media of design: web, graphic design, identity, motion & advertising.


Brilliant Idea

It started with their Twitter account @critiquedesigns where they tweet critiques on design within the 140 character limit. If that sounds easy – it’s not. In most cases they look for the positive things in designs but if there are negatives and ways to improve, then they’ll talk about it. So DesignCritique is as much an inspirational blog as much as it gives you personal insights of the authors perception of that design.



Looks like Good Design This design is simply clean and stunning. It goes straight to the point of showcasing good design. What I like in terms of functionality with this design is the fact that as I keep scrolling to the bottom there’s a loader that indicates more is loading. Wait a few seconds, keep on scrolling, keep on seeing awesome work. That’s a great detail because the site has many images to load, so this is useful for slower connections or computers even.

Looking for Contributors

They’re looking for contributors who from time to time can critique designs. If you’d like to work with them, just use the contact form

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