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The A’ Design Award is an annual showcase for the world’s best design concepts, prototypes and finished products. Registrations for the new edition are still open until September 30 btw! We were asked to select 5 of our favorite winners from the 2011-2012 edition and I must tell you it was a hard process because their winner list has literally tons of great designs. Here we go:

Smart Media System by Alexander Werbickas

Wirelessly streaming any media to any device that is connected to the network is unique in today’s market. The Hub acts as a central gate and also has the ability to send a split data signal to the TV and the Smart Controller. Mandatory advertisements are sent to the Smart Controller periodically while your media continues on the TV. This allows the user to gain metadata from the advertisements creating a one of a kind interaction. The transforming Smart Controller is also unique in its ability to give the user multiple options for interaction along with the Camera and Charging Dock.

Club House by Kris Lin

This case is positioned to be a high-end club, where celebrities are expected to gather. The overall style is a new style of Orientalism based on the concept of [resort hotel in Southeast Asia]. Its functions include a lobby, bar, tea, video hall, VIP room, swimming pool, gym and dance studio and so on. Its interior space is very open, it has a very inclined roof, the ceilings are expected to show the feeling of wooden buildings of Southeast Asia, so the use of [Truss] in the ceiling design and integration of the lighting in the trussed ceilings, make the whole building full of harmony and a new Orientalism of Southeast Asian-style.

Good Morning 2012 “farm” Calendar by Katsumi Tamura

Farm is a kitset paper animal calendar. Fully assembled it makes a delightful miniature farm complete with six different animals.

Dhyana Armchair by Salvatore Guzzo

Armchair intended as an everyday meditation pod, with seating option inspired to yoga practice. the Armachair/Bergerè is suitable for cross-legged position (loto position in yoga meditation) with the optional position of the headreast: The conch-shell shape inspired design, the 8-shape figure symbolism shoud convey and inspire mind response of profound stillness and concentration

Glasson 40″ Led Tv by Vestel Id Team

It’s a frameless design collection with different design solutions in variable sizes with glass element. Design elegance created with the transparency of glass continues through metal finishes encircling the display in big sizes. Without the accustomed plastic front cover and bezel, design relates through the virtual world and the audience with drastically reduced thickness in 40″, 46″ and 55″ products. The whole metal frame holding the glass front enhances the design quality.


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