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It doesn’t really matter whether you are a blogger, a web designer or publishing a print magazine, at some point you will have the need for high quality royalty-free stock photos. There is nothing worse than reading a whole text without a single picture, imagine a travel guide without a single image of the location being described.Full Disclosure: this is a paid review. If you want us to review your product or service get in touch:

This is where Depositphotos enters the picture, the company is one of the major and rising microstock agency with more than 12 Million images from more than 246,000 photographers who are uploading more than 100,000 files on a weekly basis.

User Friendliness:

When you first visit Depositphotos you quickly see how simple and straightforward the interface is. Searching is very easy and the results are displayed in an organized and neat manner.

If you want to register you can do this in the top left hand corner of the website, a great feature is the fact that you can sign up with Facebook, this literally means the signup process is very swift.

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We would have really liked to be able to search for videos however this didn’t seem to be possible, or at least it wasn’t as well explained as the photo and vector search. Another thing we found rather confusing was the different subscription plans; honestly it just seems overwhelming with all the different plans and all the different daily limits.

Image Quantity and Quality:

Everyone who has ever worked in design know that they quality of a photo is very important, there is nothing worse than creating the most inspirational website only to have it ruined by pixilated images.

While the quality of the photos on Depositphotos are of a very high quality, their selection is much smaller than their competitors such as Shutterstock with more than 20 Million files or 123RF with more than 17.5 Million files.

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Depositphotos do offer videos, however their offer much smaller than their competitors, and we had hoped to find a more varied selection, currently it seems as if many of the videos are very similar in nature.

Special Offers:

They offer photos that fit all occasions, whether this is a Christmas theme, Halloween or Thanksgiving. With Valentines Day coming up Depositphotos offers a special Valentines Day discount where users get 20% on 781 valentines related images.


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Depositphotos has a live chat open 24/7 with their support team, consisting of trained people who are ready to help with any problems or questions you might have, furthermore they offer a large section with FAQs where users can find the answers to any questions they might have. Furthermore if your problem is urgent and really can’t wait then you can call them.


They offer a free account that allows you to browse through all their stock photos. If you like what you see then you can sign up for one of their plans. Depositphotos offer three different pricing plans. The Pro Subscription Plans offer the chance to download a set amount of images on a daily basis, while the pay-as-you-go plan offers the chance to purchase a set amount of credits that can then be used to purchase individual images and videos, finally they offer a custom solution. The different plans are explained below:

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Pro Subscription Plans

1 Month
Basic Plan
5 – 200 Images per Day
Price: $69 – $1,259

3 Months
Standard Plan
5 – 200 Images per Day
Price: $199 – $3,419

6 Months
Advanced Plan
5 – 200 Images per Day
Price: $359 – $5,699

12 Months
Advanced+ Plan
5 – 200 Images per Day
Price: $649 – $10,999

Pay-As-You-Go Credits

This option allows you to download just the images you need, you can purchase credits that can then be used to buy photos, vectors or videos. You have the choice of buying 50 credits for $50; this then increases to 1,000 credits for $905

Custom Solution

If you can’t really find the right plan for you then you can contact Depositphotos either by phone or through email and they will work out a custom-pricing plan.

Final Conclusion

To sum it all up, Depositphotos offers a pretty good service for a competitive price. Their photos, vectors and videos are of a high quality, even if the videos were a little plain. Since being founded in 2009 the company has steadily grown to become a top competitor in the stock photo market. Whether you are in need of a photo or wanting to submit your work to a stock photo agency then you should really consider Depositphotos as one of your choices.

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