Music For Productivity: Dead Man’s Bones

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There are some people who need constant audio companionship to keep us sane/motivated. Music is the soundtrack to our creativity. It makes work possible, helps define who we are and adds just enough fuel to our day to get us over most major hurdles. Each week, thanks to our friends at Inspired Mag, we aim to bring you a new musical suggestion, complete with a recommendation for it’s “intended use”. We hope to explore the full spectrum of musical tastes, so check back each week!

Artist: Dead Man’s Bones
Album: Dead Man’s Bones
Genre: Indie Rock / Gothic Choir

Dead Man’s Bones is an indie folk project started by… Ryan Gosling. Yep, the same one. We know that sounds weird, but we think you’ll be really surprised when you hear it.

Dead Man’s Bones is dark, folky, gothic, eclectic and overall extremely unique. The album is creepy, but doesn’t take itself too seriously. There’s a fun vibe to it. It looks, sounds and feels something like a Halloween costume, right down to the inclusion of the Silverlake Conservatory Children’s Choir… in their halloween costumes.

Whenever I want to explain Dead Man’s Bones to someone, I always start by showing them this video:


Intended Use: Designing dark, spooky websites that aren’t to be taken seriously. Like MySpace. :(

Preview this album:

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