CSS Awards – 20 Kick Ass Portfolio Websites to Inspire You

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We asked the CSS Awards team to create a selection with the greatest submissions from the last week. Check them out below and suggest other entries in the comments! Also, feel free to submit here other cool finds or your own creations.



Swirls Bake Shop

GetFit home fitness



Pushkin & Plyushkin Collecting House

Alien Graphics


Knock KNock Factory

Eu sou mais Anglo


Dan Edwards


Lucio Piunti


Corona Radiata

Tessa Worley


Angelone Cerimonie

CSS Awards is a web designer/agency/studio inspiration gallery, where a high quality of CSS websites placed from around the world. Follow us on twitter @cssawards

  • Thanks for featuring!

  • Dan edwards

    Thanks for featuring me guys, great collection!

  • What an ispiring collection! got some of this showcased on our site!

  • Great Collection.

  • Thanks for featuring

  • Thanks for featuring me guys, great collection!

  • adam

    Some of these are portfolio sites? Why not just say “websites” ?

  • great collection thanks

  • John

    Very beautiful websites. I see that you are sharing CSS websites just for inspiring, but where could I find some nice free CSS templates like the above one?

  • Karl

    Hi John,

    You can find a lot of resources online. I have just finished writing a review for a new portal, where people can share assets for free. They had a section dedicated only to HTML/CSS templates – maybe you can find something useful there – I found the site to be quite rich in files you can search. http://www.creattor.com

  • These are all really well thought out and visually appealing. It is really nice to see some good web design layouts.