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The world is changing at a rapid pace, more now than ever before and with it our cultures and traditions. Globalisation is now visible on every corner making some places look identical wherever you are in the world. If we continue to stuff our high streets and shopping malls with global brands and consume only universal products it will become more difficult to differentiate between our neighboring countries or continents. It’s the local brands that contribute to each country and its image.

There are many positive sides to globalisation. Change can be good, but a lot of identities, cultures and traditions could be at risk if, let’s say Starbucks were to be be on every corner in Rome or if every pizza was the typical thin, Italian one in the US. My point is that our countries shouldn’t lose their identities and their foundations on which they are built up on, and we must not forget about them, either.

All countries have their own identity, and some are better at promoting their distinct qualities than others, hence making them more known in other parts of the world. If I say sumo wrestlers, sushi and geishas, Japan is most probably the first country that pops into your head. If I say Mounties, maple leaf and Niagara falls, I am sure you guessed Canada. But which country comes into your mind when I say Masai, kangas and Tusker? Bet you didn’t think of Kenya?

I believe that some countries should make more of an effort to educate people from abroad and maybe even their own people about what is so unique about their country. With the above thought in mind I took up the initiative to set up the blog CreativeRoots.

Over the past two years I have built up CreativeRoots to be an impressive art and design archive based on countries of the world, with each post being influenced by its countries, culture and history. Spanning across all creative disciplines such as graphic design, photography, architecture and art, CreativeRoots is truly a portal for inspiring discoveries, which currently represents over 140 countries and regions of the world.

Do you know what is unique about your country?

creativeroots blog art and design from around the world

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  • Now this is what I call “Awesome”. Really unique effort. Creative Roots surely sounds to be interesting and inspiring, both. :-)
    Thanks for sharing. Its on my bookmarks as soon as I post this comment.

  • Kris

    I really like this post because it gets people thinking. but I actually disagree with your statement saying that you believe some countries should make more of an effort to educate people from abroad and possibly even within their own country about what makes their country unique.

    I’m a South African and I’ve been told by countless foreigner visitors that we are both knowledgeable and surprisingly open about educating them about our country when they ask. Also, being a rainbow nation, we are very proud of the racial and cultural diversity in our country and if you ask any South African, they’ll say it’s one of the many things that makes us unique and proud.

    The reason why we know Japanese, American and even Canadian culture so well is because those are the countries that control a large portion of the global mass media so we see a lot of international programming in South Africa and learn to recognise the iconic features of the culture.

    Because we are still a poor country in comparison, the major international countries do not receive much South African programming or information because we usually cannot afford to broadcast it to them (although YouTube is changing this).

    So next time someone says, “What do you think of when I say ‘braai’, ‘boerewors’, ‘klippies & coke’, ‘rainbow nation’ or ‘Nelson Mandela’??”, you’ll can say with certainty that it can only be South Africa! :)

  • i probably even don’t what is unique about my country :))

  • Congrats to Rod + CreativeRoots, an invaluable resource to anyone interested in the role culture plays in nation-branding or assigned with the complex task of crafting national identity.

    Neat coverage of lesser-known countries/cultures, lots old school visuals and humour too. Great inspiration all around. Many thanks for investing in this project. Two thumbs up!

  • Well done… this is a real unique and wide spread database for any one working with Art & Design.

  • I like what you say about globalization and being proud of one cultural uniqueness. This is important not only on a visual aspect. Living in a homogeneous society sites like this could help people understand our cultural differences.

  • Pete B

    It is really interesting and inspiring to anyone working in this field. I can only assume that it will keep growing as you travel around the world, so I will continuously be checking it out in the future. Anyway, well done, keep up the good work.

  • I’m from Russia. Russia have a lot unique identities: vodka, matreshka, bears, tayga etc :).

  • Peppi

    Great topic! I am Russian American so I have a real mix of cultures and I take good things from both countries, but vodka & burgers aren’t among them. This is exceptionally stereotypical perception of two greatest countries and I really hate it.

    @Savvinovan it’s unfortunate that u put “vodka” as your creative root. There’s no other two things that are farther from each other than these: creativity & vodka….. Blahhhhh