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  • great and fresh! i find ‘Australian Pork’ just genius.

  • Logos wonderful. I liked the logo 7.

    Thank you very much.

  • LOVE EcoBox!

  • These are great!!

  • I really like Threemote

  • amazing logos….

  • cute stuff….liked it

  • These are beautiful, love the Phora one.

  • I like the Australian Rock too! Nice collection thanks for sharing!

  • Those are beautiful and fun.

  • Great source of inspiration, Thanks.

  • Cool.. its good and adoptable

  • wow. its wonderful. really nice blog.

  • MIlan

    ecobox = to the point = beautiful work

  • Definitly ecopup and literate frog :) Nice list

  • Awesome! Those are great.

  • It’s not only an inspirational article but also visionary designs that lead designers to create unique design in upcoming future. Thanks a lot for sharing awesome collection of logo design. :)

  • Thanks so much for featuring a few of my pieces of work. Means a lot!

  • Brilliant…all of them.

    The Australian Pork logo is outstanding. But when I looked at it a 3rd time, I couldn’t help thinking about Phantom Of The Opera; it kind of looked like a mask with a single tear falling from it.

    The Castle Print one at first seemed boring, until I saw the merlons in the middle – genius.

  • liza


  • When looking for inspiration for logos it seems to get harder and harder as someone has likely already had the same idea you may have had for a fresh, creative logo. I always like to look through a few different logo sites to find some new designs from other creative