Creative design for bingo cards

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As bingo has continued to increase in popularity over the past few years, a number of creative designers have put their twist on the classic game.  Given the simplicity of the format of the game, it can be tweaked to be enjoyed in many different ways.  For example, even back to the early days of bingo, the Germans used the game for educational purposed and designed the cards accordingly to suit this function. There have been countless more of these over the years and I will give a quick summary of some of the more notable ones ahead.  You can visit various design bingo sites and print them off

Hipster Bingo

Given the recent surge in ‘hipster culture’ someone has decided to create a customized card to fill out as you see various hipster stereotypes.  On the hipster bingo board, you will see various characteristic of younger people that you’ll see on the streets today, such as a road bike, a mustache, someone wearing retro sunglasses and a bow tie.

Movie Night Bingo

This is another creative design which would be perfect for a movie night in.  The movie bingo cards feature all sorts of symbols related to cinema, including a camera, a ‘PG’ sign, a cinema ticket and a ‘3D sign’.  Print off the cards and have a designated caller pull the symbols out of a bag and you’ve got yourself some mid-movie entertainment!

Shop with Me Bingo

This version of the game would be perfect for keeping the kids quiet as you go round the supermarket.  The card has pictures of various food items on it, and the players must cross off each symbol as they see the item in the shop.  All you have to do is make sure you get all your shopping done by the time the card’s complete!

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