Create Web and Mobile Forms with 123ContactForm (Review)

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If you have ever tried to make your own web or mobile forms you know that it can be very frustrating, they can be difficult to create and maintenance is often a pain. This is where 123ContactForm enters the picture, the simple online form builder:

User Friendliness:

If you are using 123ContactForm for the first time you can simply get stared by clicking the big green “Sign Up” button found at the top of the site. From there all you have to do is decide which subscription option you want. Then it’s as easy as providing a username and password, or if you prefer to you one of your social sites you can also use a Google, Facebook or Yahoo account as your login information.

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123ContactForm has a WYSIWYG interface which really makes creating a new form so much easier, within minutes you can have a beautiful form without any programming or other coding, you can either create a new form from scratch or you can choose one of the templates. If you want to add anything new to the form its as simple as dragging the option you want from the menu and adding it to your form. The site offers a wide range of both basic but also more advanced features, as well as options for user validation and password.

Forms can be customized to fit the design of your own website, you can upload your own Logo, or you can pick from the 123ContactForm’s theme gallery. If you prefer the more hands on approach then you can also apply your own custom CSS form styling to all form elements.

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123ContactForm does a great job at offering a very professional interface while at the same time managing to be a joy for the eyes.


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123ContactForm offers live chat 24/7 with their support team, consisting of trained people who are ready to help with any problems or questions you might have. Furthermore the site offers a Help and Documentation section with FAQs where users can find the answers to any questions they might have. Furthermore if your question requires further assistance then you can open a support ticket and someone will help you within 24 hours.



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123ContactForms offers three different plans to choose from:

Free, which allows:

  • Five forms
  • 10 fields per form
  • 100 submissions each month

Gold, which allows:

  • 20 forms
  • Unlimited fields per form
  • 5,000 submissions each month
  • 500 MB storage for uploads
  • no backlink required
  • Third party apps integration
  • Price: $14.95 per month or $149.95 per year

Platinum which allows:

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited fields per form
  • 20,000 submissions each month
  • 2GB of storage for uploads
  • Third party apps integration
  • Payment integration
  • SSL encryption.
  • Price: 29.95 per month or $299.95 per year
And Diamond, which includes all Platinum features plus 100,000 submissions each month and 10GB of storage for uploads

Non-profit organizations qualify for a 35% discount.

Final Conclusion:

After having used 123ContactForm for a few days I must admit that this is really one of the easiest ways of creating a simple and beautiful web design form, personally I think this is well worth checking out for your next Web or mobile project.

Forms generated with 123ContactForm are much more than just a standard form like you see them everywhere on the net, they can be customized to do exactly what you want, they can either be simple forms or complex forms tailor-made to fit your needs.

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