Amazing Deal: “Copy Hackers” eBook Bundle – only $19 (65% off!)

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Here’s a quick update only to let you know about this amazing bargain from the prolific Mighty Deals team. Basically you have a pack of four super hot ebooks that will teach you how to optimize the copy of your websites for conversions for only $19 (regular price $54.9). I bought mine in a snap and I must tell you the value in it is well worth the money!!

“Copy Hackers” – How Everything Started

Actually there’s an interesting story on how Joanna started the whole thing, I encourage you to check out this inspiring Woo Themes case study: “It all began with a humble request for help by a start-up co-founder, and ended up on the front page of Hacker News, resulting in a massive wave of emails flooding Joanna’s inbox with additional pleas for copy and conversion advice.”

What is the “Copy Hackers Bundle”

Get your hands on the only copywriting eBooks written just for startups and digital-focused small business, like agencies, eTailers, and freelancers! Designers and developers wanting to add copywriting or copy consulting to their repertoire will find these books invaluable, with their clear overviews of copy topics, detailed deep-dives on conversion-critical topics like writing headlines, and 100’s of colorful examples from interesting startups. The books are written by Joanna Wiebe, a professional copywriter, messaging strategist, and conversion consultant. Today you can GET THE FIRST FOUR BOOKS in the Copy Hackers series in this single bundle for just $19 – the regular price is over $50! Book 1: Where Stellar Messages Come From Your message isn’t your message at all; if it’s going to work, your message must be your customer’s message. Find out what percentage of visitors to target your message toward, how to tell features from benefits (and why that matters) and what you must know before you write a single word of copy. Book 2: Formatting & the Essentials of Web Writing Everyone jumps to formatting when they think of web writing! “Make it scannable.” But how can you take formatting to the next level… to provide a better UX, to fatigue fewer visitors and to improve site navigation? Book 3: Headlines, Subheads & Value Propositions You probably already know that fewer than 20% of your visitors will make it beyond the headline of your page. But do you know how to write headlines that keep more visitors on your page and on your site in general… and that lead to conversions? This book unpacks the ‘secrets’ traditional direct mail and long-form writers Book 4: Buttons & Click-Worthy Calls to Action Why don’t people click your buttons? No matter how juicy and sexy you make a button look, only the highly motivated, super-charged visitor will click it if you don’t overcome their objections and anxieties… and if you don’t sell them on the wonders of the company itself. Great, but how? This book teaches you exactly that. And because this particular eBook is so closely intertwined with interaction and visual design, it’s an absolute must-have for web designers.

Early Praise

“Okay, you’re really good at this. Seriously. This is amazing stuff. Can’t put it down.” – Shereef Bishay, Founder, BetterMeans and ClassParrot

“Really excellent writing, easy to read and gives tons of valuable information.” – Arvydas Ciupaila, Founder, SendFlow

“I read the first 3 Copy Hackers books and headed to my site to make tweaks. The headline formulas alone are worth the cost of a whole  copywriting course. Every page is filled with info I plan to use right away.” – Syed Shuttari, Founder, LetsLunch

“Joanna does a great job of presenting the art of copywriting to hacker types. She not only focuses on the how, but also on why certain  techniques work. By reading her guides and putting the tips she outlines into action, you’re bound to increase the conversion rate of your  startup’s sale page.” – Antonio Cangiano, Author, “Technical Blogging”

About the author

Joanna Wiebe is a professional copywriter, messaging strategist, and conversion consultant. She was as a senior web writer at Intuit, a consultant at Conversion-Rate-Experts (UK) and a cofounder of before she started Copy Hackers. She has a masters in Communications and Technology with specialization in persuasion in ecommerce environments. Read more about Joanna. You can’t miss this deal! Each book is a quick read, under 55 pages, and available as an instant download in PDF format for easy reading on your laptop of tablet. Most chapters conclude with an easy “next step” worksheet so you can better absorb the information by putting into practice immediately. Get them ALL today in one bundle for just $19 (instead of $53.96).

Deal terms

Please feel free to buy one digital copy (PDF) and distribute it within your startup or agency. (No multi-user licenses required!) But please be courteous to the author and do not share or otherwise distribute your copy/copies outside your small business or pirate any Copy Hackers materials in any way.

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