Coolectables – Ten of the Most Unique and Limited Edition iPhone Apps

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We’re trying to keep you inspired on all levels, so here’s this week post with 10 creative iPhone & iPod Touch apps. This time we’re featuring some collectable and limited edition apps. As your at it be sure to check out The Coolest iPhone Games You Should Own No Matter What & 8 Amazing Musical iPhone Apps You Should Definitely Touch

Parra Plays | Details | Download

Boost 3D | Details | Download

Dot | Details | Download

Satromizer | Details | Download

..™ | Details | Download

Sound Shaker | Details | Download

Itotooshi | Details | Download

JellyDrift | Details | Download

…™ | Details | Download

Graffiti Analysis | Details | Download

So, what’s your favorite? And do you have other suggestions?

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  • Andy Spock

    What a great selection, thx Inspired!

  • some real gems. thanks for sourcing them.

  • Great apps, really interesting group that shows the diversity of apps that are being developed.