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Business cards, billboards, t-shirts, hats, online advertisements, and just about anything else you can think of can be used as a marketing and advertising tool for your business. You might even find interest in placing your logo on a unique button, such as those offered in places like Uber Buttons, and have your logo worn out in the open.

Starting your very own business is likely to be a lot more complicated than you first realized, at least if it’s your first go at it. You need to deal with getting financing from the bank, renting a viable location, getting a contractor to actually renovate and build your office, and so on. While a number of major requirements in starting a business can be made null if you opt to create an exclusively online company, there is one critical factor you will need to deal with regardless of anything else. That factor is creating a logo for your business. But you may be asking yourself, “why is a logo so important for a business?” Well, it is for a couple of important reasons.

Branding and Audience Recognition

When you go out into town and look around, what do you see? You probably see plenty of vehicles and other people going about their days, and you’re going to see a lot of stores and other commercial buildings. Depending on where you are, you may also see some industrial buildings and complexes as well. Yet no matter how different these different businesses, companies, and their locations are, they all have one thing in common: distinctive and recognizable logos.

As Creative Bloq so succinctly puts it, logos serve as an instant reminder and connection to a company for the general public. If you were to look at any company logo out there, you’re likely to instantly know what company it’s from. This is critical for those looking to build a brand. And if you’ve paid attention to all the mega-corporations out there, you’ll see how successful their branding is. Everyone knows what the McDonald’s double arches stand for in the same way that everyone recognizes the Coca-Cola logo.

If you’re at all interested in building a brand of your own out of your business, or even just making sure your local store is known within the community, you need a creative logo that is eye catching and distinctive.

Setting Your Business Apart   

While a logo is definitely important for the sake of company branding and audience recognition, that isn’t the only important use for a logo. Unless you’ve found some incredibly obscure niche with little to know other businesses occupying it, you’re going to be entering a business field that already has other companies that will be your competition. If you don’t do something to differentiate yourself from your competitors, what reason does the general public have to conduct business with you versus going to the other guy? While there are a great many different methods to differentiate your business from all the others, making sure you have a distinctive, unique logo is near the top of the list.

Creating an easily recognizable logo doesn’t need to be a complex procedure, states the Dallas Morning News, you want to keep things simple and uncomplicated, but you also need to make sure your logo is 100 percent unique. If you have an idea on what it should be, great! Just make sure that you check out your competitors logos to ensure that you haven’t borrowed any design elements from them.

A unique logo is important for setting your business apart from your competition, but it’s also important for increasing your business’s image in the eyes of the public. As Aaron Draplin, a freelance logo designer from Portland discusses, good logo design can elevate a company. A good logo can help a small, local business exude an image that is larger, more professional, and more akin to its larger competitors, thereby helping to bring in more customers.

Marketing and Advertising

When creating a logo for your business, regardless of whether you do it yourself or hire a freelance graphic designer or hold a logo design contest on design marketplaces such as Designhill, you need to remember that you’ll want the logo to be placed on many different surfaces and items. Business cards, billboards, t-shirts, hats, online advertisements, and just about anything else you can think of can be used as a marketing and advertising tool for your business. Creating a simple, yet unique and distinctive logo makes it easy to market your business by slapping it on whatever merchandise or ad space you wish. However, Deluxe warns that you need to ensure that you’re aware of where you want the logo to go before you spend money on creating it. A logo that looks good on a sign or advertisement might not be as pretty when put on a brochure or business card.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for Creative Logo Design at Designhill or digging through some online directory looking for a design agency, you need to remember why you’re making a logo for your business. If you don’t have a good logo, the public won’t recognize your business and might forget about that one time they worked with you, instead going to your more memorable competitor.

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