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We’re kicking off this week with a bang: we’re giving away a full 3 years SSD WordPress hosting plan from the amazing guys at A2 Hosting (check out our full review).

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is follow any of these steps (more actions, more chances):

  • leave a comment and tell us what you’d use the hosting for (mandatory)
  • follow A2 Hosting and Inspired Magazine on Twitter
  • like, pin, tweet and/or +1 this article
  • tweet this: Comment to win 3 years of hosting from @a2hosting and @inspiredmag

About A2 Hosting

Blazing fast WordPress service from A2 HostingPerhaps one of the biggest reasons why this hosting company is so popular with clients is the fact they offer extremely fast hosting solutions. Every website owner will tell you that the speed of your site has a profound impact on not only how long visitors stay on your site but also whether they will come back in the future. Since the company use SSDs instead of normal hard drives, customers can expect much faster page loading times. As you can see in the right image, the company boasts a 1.9 second page load time compared to GoDaddy with 5.2 seconds and clocking in at almost 5X faster than HostGator.

If you are looking for a host that offers almost everything in unlimited quantities with no hidden-fees, then you should really give A2 Hosting a chance. Good luck guys!

Disclaimer: Prize has no cash value and is non-transferrable.

Catalin is the founder of Mostash – a social marketing boutique – and he’s always happy to share his passion for graphic design & social media.

  • I will use it for some image hosting.

  • Michalinka

    I will use it as a personal portfolio

  • Abhishek Kumbhani

    I Will Used It for my Personal WordPress Website..
    I also want to start my own online Blood bank WebSite If I Win..

    • Kamron Stayn

      Hope You Win Buddy..

      • Abhishek Kumbhani

        Ohh.. Thank You Kamron Stayn,,

  • hamza sdk

    we are a team of two devlopers , & we want to use it to create a no-profit tutorials website , where many users can get FREE courses about .NET technology & web-devlopement

  • Luca Morano

    I will use it for my personal website. I’m 18 and I’m a young Web designer!

  • I’d love to switch from GoDaddy forever.
    PS: Why isn’t it an A1? :p

    • Brad

      We’re based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A2 is a nickname for Ann Arbor. :)

  • Superflinda

    I’d use it to host an art project I’m working on (a lot of highres images).

  • Andrea Tozzini

    win an host, cool. I need a place for my works.


  • JAck

    cool I like!

  • Neso


  • Rebecca Riley

    I would use the A2 hosting for several personal and client WordPress websites that I manage.

  • Kevin Huddy

    I will use A2 hosting for all the personal projects I’m working on !

  • creativenomad

    I will use it for a new project I have in mind for a blog

  • Encik Ryunosuke

    I’m gonna build a local community website.

  • EdwardChan

    Awesome InspiredMag, it so cool. 3 years of A2 SSD Hosting.
    I gonna use it on mostly on NodeJS and HTML5 Web apps tutorial blog.
    There are a lot of obstacle to go to this route, I want to sharing my obstacle and simplify the process learning HTML5, and JS.

  • I would love this for my photography site. I run wordpress and would love the speed.

  • Reba Baskett

    I run a church website and we have slow and horrible hosting. I would love to be able to switch from our current slow host. Three years would be amazing.

  • Miciurash

    I will use it for my personal website

  • sidali

    I’ll use it for a local news website

  • Meg S

    I’m helping a friend build a new writing site and this would be great!

  • Betty B.

    I will use the A2 hosting for my business website.

  • Juuso

    I’d use the hosting for tenths of my websites. I love SSDs! So I love A2 now! OMG

  • Well being a novice in web design and having a piquing interest in blogging and creating articles for an online audience I would use it to host a portfolio of my graphic design works and art as well as a site that I would post articles and resources that I found useful whether it be in technology, design, or web design standards. It would primarily be for my business/freelance site.

  • Neatz

    My current hosting service is frustratingly SLOW. If I Win, will move my business website To A2 Hosting.

  • Eloise L

    If I win, will use A2 SSD fast hosting for my new web development project.

  • I Want make Infographics Website with Blog, Digital Commerce and Community!

  • Ariel Elinson

    I want to open a new WordPress blog and this offer came just on time

  • nammabagalkot

    I want to open a new WordPress blog and this offer came just on time

  • Zohaib Rafique

    I have a company therefore I will use it for my clients websites.

  • Andrew Starodubtsev

    i comment i comment

  • Shady Arnaout

    I will use it for my personal website. I’m a Graphic Designer!